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So if you could pick you ideal job, with ideal hours what job would you do? For me my ideal job would be 3 days a week, 3-1 patient ratio on a tele floor I would have a pro active, supportive,... Read More

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    My dream job would involve so many aspects that it would take a while. For starters, public health nurse at the health dept. Also, do as needed mental health nursing. Then, get my MPH in epidemiology or community health. After that, get a doctorate in public health with a specialization in health policy. Go on and work for the CDC or NIH/NIMH. Do some political/health policy stuff and human rights advocacy. On the side do some health related volunteering. Not so much about salary...I want to change the world. Yes, I dream big. Haha.
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    My dream job would be very flexible. I like patient care minus some of the dynamics and drama.

    Maybe outpatient surgery?
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    Pretty much the type of work I am doing now -- but only part time (instead full time) and with an administration that I could respect and trust.

    I do staff development, serve as liaison with local schools of nursing, run an extern program for nursing students, and work on research and evidence-based practice projects.
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    25 years @ the bedside. My ideal job is using my skills to improve patient care with my critical thinking skills.
    Have found it.. it can be done.
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    Quote from OnlybyHisgraceRN
    Well baby nursery three days a week.
    I said this would be my close to retirement job.
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    I just started my dream job back in Sept. School nurse at the elementary school level - 500+ kids, tube feed BID, daily meds, and approximately 30 visits per day. I get my kids off to school, get to work by 8:07, leave by 2:59pm, walk in my front door at 3:07. Every weekend off, holidays, snow days, 3 weeks of vacation (Dec, Feb and April) and all summer off with my children. Low stress, I still use my clinical skills, I am busy so the days fly by. I will retire with a government pension and my sanity intact!
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    Wish Me Luck,

    Sounds like you and I have the same ideal dream job. I'm glad to hear about your dreams to change the world!
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    Mon thru Friday 8:30 to 5:00 pm no weekends no holidays.
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    In comfortable morgue.
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    Quote from Lil'mama
    That does sound awesome. Our hospital isn't large enough to warrant such.
    My observation is that it is the smaller (100-250 beds) community and teaching hospitals that stand to gain the most from a full time RRT. Our hospital is only 250 beds but it is a university affiliated teaching hospital. The larger hospitals have a lot more resourses available and almost always have staff physicians in house to back up the residents. The very small hospitals have stafff used to operating with little support and usually the attending physicians are taking care of their own patients, rather than interns and residents.
    I work in (but not live) Minnesota. MN is a great state but is old fashioned when it comes to nursing and is certainly not veteran friendly.

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