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I've had a tough few weeks of self-reflection. My mind has gone back and forth over my preferred career path, and, ultimately, I think I'm going to bow out gracefully. I am a career-change RN. After receiving two bachelor... Read More

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    This thread is now divisive and off topic. I have alerted Admin already. The thread should probably be closed, since some people cannot stick to the original topic. Personal attacks are unnecessary.

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    Please remember our Terms Of Service:
    We promote the idea of lively debate. This means you are free to disagree with anyone on any type of subject matter as long as your criticism is constructive and polite. Additionally, please refrain from name-calling. This is divisive, rude, and derails the thread.

    Our first priority is to the members that have come here because of the flame-free atmosphere we provide. There is a zero-tolerance policy here against personal attacks. We will not tolerate anyone insulting other's opinion nor name calling.
    OP came here for advice re back issues and desiring hospital position with ASN---somehow this has morphed into an entirely different discussion. Our members are served best when we offer pertinent advice pertaining to original topic, thoughtfully post and avoid name calling which only derails a topic and further drives a wedge between members....andour profession.
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