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OK here goes...I am an LVN who for 3 weeks WAS NOT ON ASSIGMENT, NOT WORKING AT ALL.....I participated in some pot smoking. Yea, I know..let me have it..anywho...it will be a week ago since I last "participated"...welll in the... Read More

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    Quote from whyowhy?
    Please dont berate me and call me horrible names and tell me I am not worthy to be a nurse...
    I'll tell you something my Dad use to tell me after I had done something wrong- e.g. a fender bender in Mom's Red '65 Chevy Impala SS with white interior: "I 'm not going to punish you because I figure you've already punished yourself better than I could."

    Now: you've got some Solid Information and Good Advice from your Peers. What you decide to do is always up to you.

    The best to you, whyowhy.


    PS: Mom wrecked the Impala the very next day backing out into traffic. Nobody was hurt, the Impala suffered a smahed-in rear quarter panel, Mom got a ticket, and I mused over how peculiar life is.
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    I wish they'd legalize it already...but that's beside the point.
    You should be ok, drink a lot of water. I had to take a test once back when I was able to partake, and I took it about two weeks after the last time I partook, and passed.
    By the time you interview and get through that process you should be fine.
    Good luck to you.
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    Quote from girlygirl69
    please there are worse things than weed. i don't smoke that crap because of the exact reason you're dealing with.... and also that it's illegal, but you're not a bad person and what you do on your own time is your business. do you know how many functional crack and cocaine heads are walking around?? you may just have to let this job offer pass and leave the pot smoking to only special occasions!! lmao, once or twice a year.
    actually, that's not in the least bit true...if you rob a bank on your own time, it's not okay with potential employers, if you get a dui on your own time it's going to be a problem, and if you do illegal drugs on your own time and get caught by virtue of a drug screen, you're not going to be employable.

    i would also do the otc drug test and see what it tells you, then go from there.

    if this company does random drug tests, you're going to have to abstain from any illegal drugs from here on in.
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    You make me remember the 70's....LOL!

    Anyway, I think it should be your private business too (although I do not partake) as long as you are not doing it before work.

    If I were you I would do some serious internet research to find what the time line is for detection of it in blood and urine. Then I would call and let htem know i was out of town for a couple weeks and set the interview for a time when you knew you would be in the clear.

    Hopefully someone in the know may PM you some scoop.

    Compared to theives, child abusers, evil people and all the other crapsters out there you do not seem bad to me at all. Not one bit.

    Just don't do it again when you want to work as a nurse though because you never know when you will be offered the opportunity to pee in a cup!

    All the best and I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
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    Hate to say this but everybody makes their own bed and has to lay in it. If you choose to make it with thorns, you can only blame yourself for the discomfort you will suffer. If you really needed to be working then I would think you would be sure you were ready and able to work at any time. You made a poor choice and hopefully you will learn from this. I am not here to judge you. Making a poor choice does not make you a bad person, just a person who made a bad choice. We can't go back in time and change our mistakes but we can learn from them and hopefully you did. As far as if you should re-nig on this job.....that is a tough one. There is a chance after one week you could test negative. However THC is stored in the fat tissues so it is not an exact science. Some people can show positive for longer. You could buy and OTC test and see if it comes out negative. They sell them at the pharmacy. Beyond that I don't know what to tell ya.
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    Take a drug test before going in for an interview to see if it is clean. Some people can test positive for a month or two, some are 'clean' after just a week or two. Also, keep in mind that getting charged with possession of a drug could cause you to lose your license. Not judging, there are many, many nurses that use this drug. But if they get caught they might lose their license. Its just not worth it.

    And drinking an excess amount of water does not help. I worked occupational health, and if the urine came back too dilute during a drug test we made the person come back for a re-test. And there is no real proof that it would help anyway--other than personal anecdotes that can't really be proven.
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    Closing this as giving advice to, "drink water", and advocating lying about "being out of town", is something allnurses.com does not wish to support.
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