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I am such an avoider of confrontation. I would rather stick a needle in my eye than write someone up, but I have a problem with delegating. I hate to do it, but when I must, I do. I was charge of... Read More

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    Wow, what a horror story! You should write her up! Who wants someone as verbally abusive as that taking care of patients? Did you have the authority to tell her to clock out and go home?

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    After a recent unit meeting, (CNA's meetings are separate from nurses), we nurses were told the CNA's complained because nurses weren't helping pass trays or toileting pts. enough.

    We have usually the same amt of aides as we do nurses on the floor.
    Really made us angry. During assessments, rounding through the day, etc. we frequently assist pts to the BR, on the bedpan, or whatever. We just don't run out into the hall or to the station and announce it. "Hey everybody!" "I just helped Mr Smith to the bathroom!" We also pass trays, maybe not as many as the aides do, but we do our share.

    We have our own responsibilities that it is impossible for them to realize, plus anything else that needs doing. The aides always leave on time. The nurses are at least 30mins to an hour late finishing up routinely. In a large part because we have so much on our plate to finish before we can leave.

    They don't understand that when I am seemlingly sitting at the station doing nothing important, I am really perusing the chart of the pt with the dangerously low b/p, trying to get their history, recent labs, meds list, family phone number, etc., so that I will have as much information as I can before the Dr calls me back. I also have in the back of my mind that my new admit from surgery will be rolling up in just a moment, needing v/s's, assessment, IV placed on pump, etc., etc., etc, ... and one of my other pts is waiting on a pain shot.

    So, no, I may not put every pt that calls on a bedpan, but I do when I don't have other more serious things going on. Trying to prioritize care, and keeping aides from thinking I'm not a team player can be a real juggle sometimes and bottom line, I am the one that will be held liable for anything that goes wrong.

    Well, that is my little vent. I feel better, now.
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    Hey Carrie.....
    oh yeah, I'm the same way.....hate confronatation, delegation. Too hard for me, unfortunately. As you may recall, I have complained considerably about how my current job is stressing me out, but their are several good things about being a CHN, and one of these is, I don't have to deal with stuff like that anymore. I am independent. As a nurse, I in charge of managing the patients care (meaning, I am primary, then PT, OT, ST......)I do have to do aide supervisions at least every other week, but have never had a problem......if a patient has a problem with a lazy aide, or one who is rude, I find out about it long beforehand, and can go in "armed" with info, and talk with her/him, etc....and go from there). It is way easier than the day to day battle with the aides I used to have: some were great, some were mouthy, some seemd lazy, but managed to get stuff done somehow. I remember one aide from our floor, actually I think he was a tech, so besides doing aide stuff he was also checking BG's, drawing bloods, etc. He would always put me off when I asked him to do something for me, and ooooo would I get so mad. But all the patients loved him and asked for him by name. This past May I found out why. He was working in PACU at that time, and I remember him from after my hyst. I was there a long time d/t pain issues, and he was very attentive and kind, sat by my side and talked to me while I was bawling about how much pain I was in, listened to my babbling, I mean, he was an angel, and one thing I really remember from that whole experience.
    Anyway, I'm just remabling, as usual....no good advice, unfortunatly.....just a "I know how it feels, hun!"......hang in there.
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    I know exactly how you feel. Same thing happens to me.

    Unfortunately I usually don't have time to follow up and make an issue out of it.

    Should you have a prob with an aide, I recommend going to the DON --preferably with all the nurses who've had problems with the same aide, getting together and discussing it, and presenting ideas for how to handle it, so the DON knows what's coming and you all are on the same page.

    One facility that I worked with was very good about "cleaning out" the CNA's who gave people a hard time, and with the disciplinary actions being consistent and getting backup from the DON.
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    lgfla, I called the DON and told her about it the next day. I told the charge nurse about it that night, but, she didn't do anything about it. Personally, if I could have, I would have sent her packing, but, I can't do that. I told the DON that I WOULD NOT work with her again.

    PLUM, I hear you. This ticks me off to no end. I have been there from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours after my shift and the CNAs ALWAYS leave on time. Then, they get mad 'cause I don't do more for them after I see them propping the walls up all day.

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    Wow, telling a patient to shut up in my facility would be grounds for immediate dismissal. I reccomend taking her to the Med Room and flogging her!
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    cargal--you might find a useful model of leadership and of management skills in Bob Woodward's latest book "Bush at War."
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    Thank you sjoeand others. I also think I am just fed up with uncaring and unprofessional behavior. Just made the move to hospice, and even though it is too soon to tell, I think the stress will be much less and I love it already. It's about time!

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