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I really really really need some nurses' advice. So I've realized something about myself lately...I hate nursing. I think I always knew this in college, but I guess I thought things would get better when I was actually NURSING... Read More

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    Please arrange for some stress counselling and life workshops ASAP. There is more going on here than meets the eye. I cannot imagine how you have been able to manage to work for the last 2 years under the stress you describe. I will not give you a pep talk, I will not suggest other forms of nursing, I will ask you to please get some counselling. I will pray for you.

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    How about a Nursing Instructor at a college or even in a hospital setting?

    They say there is a shortage of nurses and that there are plenty of people that want to go into nursing, but not enough Nursing Instructors.
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    Hey! I'm just preparing to take on nursing as a second career and I'm glad to see this side of it. My thought is that you would not be the first to get a degree and then do something totally different nor would you be the first to leave a profession because you hate it. People do that all the time but people also stay in professions that make them unhappy.

    Looking at it as a situation that has you trapped will only make it worse but if you look at 2 more years as a bridge to where you want to be, then it's only a temporary sacrafice you're making. But if you knew in college that nursing wasn't right, do you now know that the contining education isn't right either?

    Life's too short to waste time. If your workplace is great and supportive then you've got a good thing. You have no guarantee of that in any profession or workplace. Ask yourself where you want to be and chart a path toward it. Treat it as having taught you something and use that in the future.

    I've been there and had a job that made me physically ill. It was a great job but my boss was an absolute ***. The best thing I did for myself was to leave it! I wouldn't be where I am today were it not for that experience and it taught me how to deal forcefully but professionally with a difficult boss. That was more than 10 years ago and I'm still in the same profession. We have to work together from time to time and he respects me. I still consider him a friend and mentor.

    Good luck! MJ
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    have you possibly thought about assisted living? i think that my be more of a supervisory position.
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    Hey there Tirednurse... I read your message and just wanted to offer a big *HUG*. I feel for ya. However, as much as you may think that you hate being a nurse in general, I want to concur that there REALLY are other areas of nursing, even direct patient care nursing, that you may really like a whole lot more. I like the NICU idea that one person suggested earlier.... because you are doing such a great thing in saving those little babies, plus you aren't really dealing with a typical patient; their personality and all that.

    Let me tell you my VERY RECENT experience and feelings. I've been a med surge nurse for almost two years; was a tech for four years before that. And just in the past couple of months, I have been VERY ready to get out of patient care and take a desk job. I mean, there have just been times when I was thoroughly convinced that I hated everything about direct patient care nursing.

    Then, a position opened up in our Outpatient Surgery department. I am interviewing for it tomorrow, and I'm very excited!!!!!!! It's still direct patient care, which I THOUGHT I desperately wanted out of, but after really thinking about it....

    I currently work 7pm-7am, with the occasional 11p-7a shift. I have been doing this for several years. I now have a toddler. It has become rather hard to get good sleep during the day. =) So, to say that I'm sick and tired of working nights would be an understatement. (Working day shift on the FLOOR really isn't an option for me though. Way WAY too much going on.)
    My hours in outpt. surgery would be SO nice. 8:00 am-4:30pm with occasional mandatory on-call. No weekends or holidays. =)

    The outpt. surgery department has very low turnover, and everyone seems to like each other. On the floor, you have lots of turnover, and lots of people constantly gossiping about each other, and this and that.

    Your patients typically are not sick. They are typically there for fairly minor ailments and they "walk in and walk out". That's why it is also called Ambulatory Care nursing.

    To top it all off... I don't have to take a pay cut for a better job. Well no, I take that back... I won't get shift diff's anymore, I don't suppose. But I will get more hours because on the floor I get my hours cut a lot because of having to take call due to low patient census.

    So.... to make a long story short... I've realized that I don't hate nursing; there are just certain ASPECTS of my current job that..... I just HATE so much, that of course it makes me feel like I hate nursing/taking care of people in general. There REALLY IS so much more to nursing than working on a med surge floor! Med surge REALLY TRULY is a great place to start, to get good experience. And some nurses really do love it and choose to stick with it. But for me... my experience working as a (mainly) post surgical nurse has been great because I feel like that gives me an EXCELLENT chance of getting this job!!!!

    Wish me luck, y'all!!!
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    You could also be an infection control nurse. They come up with strategies on preventing nosocomial infections and then ensure their plans are fully implemented.

    Quote from TheCommuter
    We have a nursing shortage due to the numbers of qualified nurses that left the bedside. However, you could do

    1. Nursing Instructor for LVN/LPN classes
    2. Telemetry
    3. Research
    4. Dialysis Nurse (easy job)
    5. Nurse Entrepreneur
    6. Pharmaceuticals
    7. School Nurse
    8. Occupational Health Nurse
    9. Work for an HMO/PPO

    I know the feeling of doing something you don't like. It will improve once you find your niche. Good luck!!
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    Quote from RRN
    EXCUSE ME... While I love dialysis it can and is not always an easy job.. Overseeing 24 patients and 6 PCT's is by no means easy.
    I apologize. I didn't intend to undermine any job. One of my instructors (a former dialysis nurse) said her job was simple. I was basing my statement on her words. :stone
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    Why do so many nurses seek employment away from the bedside? Why do many nurses throw their hands up and leave the profession altogether?

    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    Why is it some say a job like dialysis is "easy"? I can't imagine dialysis being "easy" esp when you are working with chronically ill patients....it must be emotionally draining and exhausting at times. I doubt it is EASY! They say the same about OB, you know, we sit around and rock babies all through our shift.....riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    There are NO 'easy" nursing jobs....but there are many away from the bedside and out of direct patient care. Are they "easy"? I doubt it.
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    Rather than stay doing something you donít like - GET OUT!

    Find something you do like - donít worry about "throwing away all that education" - it won't do you any good if you truly hate what you are doing!

    Meanwhile, some suggestions -

    1) Start going to school NOW in a field you think you would enjoy working at for the rest of your life. Don't wait, in spite of having to work at a job you hate for a while longer until you get the skills/degree you need for a new one. For 2 years you could go to school, then get out of a career you hate - or NOT return to school and in 2 years still be doing a job you hate, and be 2 years older...

    2) There are a LOT of jobs out there for RNs that do not involve "traditional" hospital type nursing.

    Community Health
    Industrial Health
    Medical sales
    Pharmaceutical sales
    Nursing education
    School education

    good luck!
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    tired nurse,

    I have to say, from my own personal experience: please don't teach. I have had professors in nursing school that came from situations not unlike yours, and they didn't last. The pressure of nursing is at least doubled when you have six to ten unexperienced students working on your license. Possibly theory would be fine, as long as you promise not to run the students off with horror stories =).

    Do you have a history of anxiety in other areas of your life? I'm wondering... if you don't like nursing, that's one thing. But if you are having anxiety in other areas as well, I'm afraid that you won't like the next position either, and the cycle will continue. Please seek treatment. My first semester of nursing school, I had two full-on panic attacks during clinicals. I nearly quit. Thanks to my nursing instructor's advice, I went to my MD and learned how to treat the anxiety with both pharm and non pharm measures. I did have anxiety in other areas as well.

    I always smile when CPAs or HR people ask me why I'm so stressed, and why this job is so hard....

    Be sure to find something you love. You only live once, and you shouldn't be miserable in the time you have on this earth. Don't worry about what you've wasted, or what you could have done. That isn't important now. What is important is to find where you belong, either in nursing or something totally different and new. Best wishes!

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