I HATE NURSING!! Now what do I do?

  1. I was a stay at home mom and then decided to do something "useful" with the years I have remaining - and on a see how it goes basis entered nursing school. (I was 52 at the time). I didn't start hating school until we started clinicals. Long story short, Between bipolar instructors and just not knowing much about anything medical, I hated nursing. However, I had so much money now involved that I stuck it out and graduated.
    I am on my second job in 3 mos. and hate it more and hate myself for ever doing this. The only part of it that I like is the patient interaction. My patients love me and always praise the care and attention I give them (other nurses are more proficient but some are downright rude to the patients - I recommend they mention that on the evaluations they are sent after returning home).
    Anyway, anybody got any suggestions - please. I know that there are a lot of fields to explore but there don't seem to be any job openings in clinics (which I think I would enjoy far more.) How do I go about applying for a job if there aren't any in the local newspaper want ads?
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  3. by   jahra
    Quote from csiln
    Anyway, anybody got any suggestions - please. I know that there are a lot of fields to explore but there don't seem to be any job openings in clinics (which I think I would enjoy far more.) How do I go about applying for a job if there aren't any in the local newspaper want ads?
    Simple, walk in. They can only do a 4 man carry and toss you out the door
    at the worst. At the best, the clinic may have a position,
    or the nurse may know of another clinic that does.

    Take a walk through the yellow pages, and see who you would like
    to work for. Dress neat and walk in to make an appt to see the
    nurse in charge. Do not expect to see her that day. Plan to
    make your visit at non peak patient schedule times.

    This plan worked for me a few times as many places do not

    Good luck!
  4. by   Antikigirl
    Perhaps an agency job? I switched to agency after working in LTC for 4 years, and when I first started out as a nurse...I too had about 3 jobs in a few months with little out there jobwise! I hated it!!!!!!!!

    But with agency I get to pick and choose my facilitys, my hours, my shifts, my schedule, and get to see facilities and try them out before even thinking of taking on a job there (If I so desired). I also get a first hand look at management and policies that effect nurses and pt care before I make any desisions about employment or even coming back (I don't have to return if I don't like that facility!).

    I really like agency, and I have found a hospital I deeply love...and currently have two bids on my contract from two hospitals and one has 4 departments that want me...talk about having control over your own employement!!!!!!

    Give that a thought, you do have to be a quick learner and learn as I call it "on the fly" at times..but I have not had a probelm with this at all since I have no fear of asking questions and illiciting help if I don't understand or have not done something in a while!

    Good luck to you..and I know exactly how you feel!!!!!
  5. by   Ms.RN
    what do you hate about your job? is it a staffing issues? do you like taking care of patients? if its staffing then you can change to different unit or hospital. there are so many different nursing jobs that doesnt involve direct patient care, insurance company, management etc.
    you might want to try internet search to find jobs in clinic. or you can do search in the yellow page for clinics in your area and call them and ask them if they are hiring. whatever you do, good luck
  6. by   HARRN2b
    it sounds like the op likes nursing but hates the politics
  7. by   Antikigirl
    Wow...who does like the politics of it all..LOL! Somedays I feel like I went back to high school! LOL!!!!!!!

    I find that most or my probelms stemmed from me not being treated or even looked at like a professional. That was a foundational probelm I found to be very common in most things in nursing I didn't like. Patient care for me is just fine, but to be looked at like a servent or barked at like I was representitive of all things wrong with healthcare...well that ranked on my nerves and still does.

    And typically the places I have worked, before I went agency...was fear and threatening tactics to get staff to do their jobs instead of seeing that most people are DOING their jobs! It was easier to threaten, and hold scare tactices like 'you can loose your license' over your head! Not very professional in my opinion...

    And the whole 20 things a nurse has to do vs time to do it always is a sore spot for me! All this responsiblity and no time to get it all done the way I would like...even with the best time management skills I have! That is a bummer to me, and some days weigh heavily on me.

    There are all sorts of things that individual people find distasteful about nursing or any other job for that matter. I just made sure I knew my likes/dislikes, limitations, and delved deeply into how to improve it for myself!

    Going agency for me was a great choice!!! Its not for everyone..but it sure worked for me...I became more myself, was happy, found awesome teams to work with, great patients, great doctors, and felt wanted (once they knew me...and that didn't take long at all!!!).

    I know some people get very upset or apprehensive if anyone speaks of the downside of nursing..but I say that each individual must realize that there are probelms, talk about them, take it for a lesson for self improvement, don't bottle it up, and be there for others that are having difficulties.

    A great teacher of mine once said "the one thing you can give of yourself and not loose anything is learning and teaching others...complaining or staying silent in the face of a learning or teaching experience takes MUCH away!"

    I find talking about bad experiences is a great way to probelm solve and learn!
  8. by   Lacie
    After a phase of major burnout from ICU/Trauma nursing after 18 years I needed a huge break. I found positions doing Medical Case Management for the Insurance companies. Particularly in Worker's Compensation. Check around with docs or physical therapy centers you know as to what companies visit or contact thier offices in these cases may give you a great lead over what limited advertisement there is finding these type positions. I worked on the computer from home, traveled to various medical appointments, court hearings, home visits, therapy visits and only went into the office once a month. A great deal of autonomy!! I made good pay with mileage and expenses paid. I dont know where your located but it may be worth checking into.