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My job is horrible, dreaded, makes me ill...literally. I work med/surg. With staff cut to skeleton crew, I cant take the workload anymore. I love my patients, I like most of my coworkers. I am comfortable there (the only job... Read More

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    I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. Good thoughts coming your way <3
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    Quote from chenoaspirit
    Utopia vs. Reality is what they call it here. I feel so let down. My Utopia was NOTHING compared to my today's Reality! I would love to switch to another unit, but the entire hospital is the same no matter where I would go. The other day I had a fresh post-op TURP with a CBI and we were OUT OF CBI FLUID. Pharmacy was called multiple times and was told the urgency of more bags and by the end of my shift, guess what....still no CBI bag delivery from pharmacy. We were out of chux and out of colostomy supplies. I had NOTHING to work with and literally couldnt do my job. If things were run smoothly and the floor was well-stocked, I may not feel the same way I do now. Im off work for the next 3 days and instead of enjoying these days off....Im dreading going back to work. My job is now controlling my entire life whether Im there or not. Im thinking of going into home health, but Im not sure.
    Thanks everyone for all your support and kind words/advice. I appreciate it. Its nice to know that Im not alone and I have you guys to vent to. My husband is supportive of any decision I make, but he doesnt understand what I go through. At least here at AN, I can talk with people who actually KNOW how I feel and what I go through.
    Yep, yep and yep! I love that I can vent on here! You guys totally get it. By the way, I did Home Health for 15 months. It might have been just the particular company I worked for, but it was a mess too!

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