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My job is horrible, dreaded, makes me ill...literally. I work med/surg. With staff cut to skeleton crew, I cant take the workload anymore. I love my patients, I like most of my coworkers. I am comfortable there (the only job... Read More

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    What's ironic is that around here, you need at least a couple of years of clinical experience as an RN to get a non-clinical nursing job, and they tend to pay less.
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    I'm getting out asap. I'm hoping to get into a grad program for library science, become a librarian, and get out of this profession, hopefully, within the next 2 years. I do not want to be one of those 60 yo nurses (no offense to those wonderful older RNs working the front lines) with weird aches and pains.
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    Quote from Virgo_RN
    What's ironic is that around here, you need at least a couple of years of clinical experience as an RN to get a non-clinical nursing job, and they tend to pay less.
    They pay more around here. Of course, when you remove the differentials it changes things a bit but again, around here, not much.

    I got my job in informatics while an LPN at more than the hourly for a new grad RN and close to the hourly for the ADON in the SNF. I earn $3.50 an hour less - with her evening diff - than our PM RN.

    And I still can't start an IV.

    Nursing is bizarre.
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    I think if I had the opportunity of this website when I was a student I would have been grateful. People need honest experiences and advice before they embark on a profession IMO, and some of these comments may be the wake up call people need to focus on a specialty in nursing they really want to do, not coast along for a few years doing something they hate, but not knowing how to change it (like me!).

    And the comments re: Maccas and The Gap made me smile. For years I used to envy people working in the Body Shop or Lush as I thought how stress free and fun it looked. Still do sometimes!
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    I think the same thing happens everywhere and pharmacy is understaffed as the rest of us. worked at sister hospitals back in Balt and they went computerized and all our meds were on the computer, docs could remotely put meds in and we would never know. when meds were due we had an hr before and after and if it wasnt signed off we got automatic med error, no matter if we put in 'med not up from pharm'
    a couple of weeks ago i got floated with 2 staff nurses to med surg. none of us had access to the sure med machine to get meds out on that floor and since it was a weekend pharmacy left early. one of the nurses got called to go to another floor so we had to shuffle assignments. us 2 floats got written up because of late meds and and a pt who was later found out to be psch didnt like the one nurses 'attitude'. we are now banned from that floor. and because of the greivences filed against us they go into our files. I am working on a reply but that will do little.
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    Quote from Ayvah
    Hospital nurses are asked to care for a large load of very sick people, safely. It is near impossible what they ask of us to do sometimes. Many of us feel guilty that we can't meet the impossible demands; we are upset because we can't practice nursing the way we want to, because it has immediate, visible, negative effects on the patient. We are angry and upset at the system that we can't give the patients better, and we have patients, families, management and docs who don't understand, already asking/demanding us to do more/faster. Multiple people give up their lunch breaks already, some even giving up bathroom breaks because of the guilt. We don't need another straw to break the camel's back on that one. It is sad that we need to support each other to go eat once in a 12-16 hour shift. (see http://allnurses.com/general-nursing...no-372337.html)

    This is not a 1 day a year vent, there are serious problems in hospital nursing which affect the lives of our patients, and negatively affect the health of the remaining nurses. I absolutely mean everything I have written here, even when I am not upset. That is demeaning to say that we don't mean what we are saying right now due to being upset. Saying that I took care of 8 patients the other day, including one that would probably be going to the ICU (per the doc) is a fact, not venting because I'm mad. The ICU has a 1:2 ratio. Please tell me how I am supposed to care for him along with all my other patients, who had problems themselves, safely? The doc and the charge knew what was going on. All I could do was hope and pray he didn't die on me while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off. In none of my other jobs outside of hospital nursing have I cried at work, and seen multiple others cry, and spoke with multiple others who have had to go on antidepressant or antianxiety medication (and this is at 2 different hospitals). These are facts, not making stuff up because we are upset. Money is not everything when it comes to work. No, of course working at McDonalds is not ideal, but it is the fact is that she is thinking about non-nursing being a better working environment than nursing itself.

    From what I've observed over 4 years on this board, there is a lot of support for nursing students here. There is also a special nursing student section on this board.

    There are 4 nurses I work with who have told me that they feel trapped because they are the breadwinner in their house, their spouse is laid off, and they need the job to keep their house. They are miserable but they keep working through it. Jobs have drastically dried up because places are using the recession cover to have hiring freezes. Any teenager looking at nursing needs to face the reality of it instead of thinking its a fairy tale job. No, our voices must not be restrained.
    Ayvah, Thanks so much for your input. I could not have said it any better. I also have seen great support for the pre and current nursing students on the forum. I have also seen some of the afore mentioned members get upset when we talk negatively about nursing.

    It would not be fair for us to sugar-coat how things are for nurses right now, especially in the hospitals. If we allowed them to view nursing through rose-colored glasses, they would then be upset because we did not tell them how tough it might be on them!

    When I discuss the problems in nursing on this forum, I am speaking for 95% of the nurses that I work with. If they could choose to leave nursing today, they would do it in a and so would I.

    I have said it before and I will say it again: Hospital nursing, especially Med-Surg nursing is going down the tubes. Nurses are overworked, stressed out and mad! When they are able to say, "We are not going to take this anymore", hospitals will be in trouble.

    There is absolutely NO WAY that you can adequately care for your patients given the high ratios, higher patient acuity, unsupportive administration, etc...

    I, for one, am angry that the career that I worked so hard for and wanted with all my heart has turned into this. I no longer feel guilty for wanting to get out of nursing. I cannot call what I do "nursing". I am a patient representative who works on a floor with sick people. I have a license that allows me to throws some pills at them, start IV's, and write useless care plans that no one has time to update. Every now and then, I get a note on my locker telling me that I failed to do X amount of things during my so-called 12-hr shift, but if I had done the X amount of things they say I did not do, I would have been at work around 15 hours, went home and slept a few hours and then returned again for more of the same. It is a truly vicious cycle.
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    The thing about pharmacy is that they don't have to deal with the screaming abusive patients and relatives.

    In England we discharge our patients with at least a weeks supply of their prescribed medicine provided by our hospital pharmacy. The pharmacy is overwhelmed with regular inpatient meds, restocking wards, and discharge drugs (DD's)

    The senior doc will come around and tell the patient that he is discharged at 0900.

    But he will leave his junior doc to actually write the discharge orders.

    He won't release the junior doc from ward rounds until late in the day. Once the junior doc is able to write the discharge meds up, we have to leg it to pharmacy so that they can fill the order. Takes them more than 4 hours usually. We have to go back down there to get them. Our pharmacy is so overwhelmed they have stopped answering the phone so if I want to communicate with them I have to go down there. Patient has been sitting there dressed and packed up from 0905 onwards and is now really ****** off, screaming at the nurses for being made to wait for their dd's.

    If we know someone may be discharged we start chasing the doctors up to write the dds as soon as possible but it is pretty low on their priority list.

    Total chaotic mess.

    If I have a lot of discharges I spend my shift chasing after junior docs and pharmacy for the dd's and getting screamed at by medically stable patients...all at the expense of the acute patients.

    It makes me ill to think about.
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    I think that Bugaloo and Ayvah did an excellent job of explaining the frustration so many of us feel. Couldn't have put it any better. Thanks for sticking up for us!
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    I say to look into other options, maybe a different floor, different hospital, setting, etc...but I hear your pain. My girlfriend and I were talking just today and we are both exploring other options other than nursing. I am an LPN, she is an RN, and we both are very dedicated nurses, but the system is destroying us. And, I believe this is everywhere. We are looking into earning our Bachelor's in Health Education. In fact, I plan to visit the school this week and see what this program has to offer and explore other options. It is to a point that our consciences are bothering us. Most of us did not go into this for the constant abuse.

    I am not saying to jump ship just yet, but at least look into other alternatives because bottom line is that we do have to look out for ourselves when the ship is sinking.
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    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    They pay more around here. Of course, when you remove the differentials it changes things a bit but again, around here, not much.

    I got my job in informatics while an LPN at more than the hourly for a new grad RN and close to the hourly for the ADON in the SNF. I earn $3.50 an hour less - with her evening diff - than our PM RN.

    And I still can't start an IV.

    Nursing is bizarre.
    My best friend and I were just saying the same thing ourselves. What absurdity nursing is...
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