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How to calculate body burn percentage?

  1. 0 I'm learning about burns in my class,anyone has idea?
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    If you're learning about burns, you should have been taught the Rule of 9's....look that up, that should help.
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    Google "Rule of Nines"

    That's the general guideline to base your lacted ringers fluid resus for the patient. There is one for adults and peds.
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    Google the Parkland-Baxter formula,
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    lovehospital take a look in the burns nursing section of this site.

    The rule of 9's is a rapid assessment tool, I used to use the Lund and Browder chart. It is supposed to be more accurate for estimating burns surface area when I worked in burns

    Here are some links that may help as well

    Parkland vs Brooke formula

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    There is also the palmar method where you take the size of the PATIENT"S hand and use that to estimate. The palm accounts for 1% os in a burn on a leg is the size of 10 of the patient's palms, you can estimate a burn to 10% of the body.