how to become certified as boxtox injector

  1. I am wondering if any one knows how to become a certified injector?
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  3. by   TeresaB930
    My daughter receives botox for dystonia. She has only received it from neurologist and physical medicine doctor. Frankly, I'm not sure I would trust her in the hands of anyone with less credentials.
    To hit the exact muscle, and inject the right amount of botox, I'm certain requires tons of training.
    My two cents worth.
  4. by   neuropickle
    A Neurologist friend offered to send me to cosmetology school so I could perform BOTOX injections at a clinic. I never looked into it. The most I heard was "I know a few nurses that have active cosmetology and nursing licenses and do this" or something to that effect.
  5. by   txnursingqt
    I know that most of the ob/gyns in my area are now performing these services. Personally I think it gives the impression that they are only out for money. The "premier" ob/gyn in my area, well let me say, her practice has gone way down since she started doing this. She is just way to busy now and I believe her patient care has gone down. In fact many people, myself and family included have quit going to see her.

    I know that does not help you, but I just wanted to chime in who is performing these services.
  6. by   sharona97
    I am a certified nurse injector for collagen. How I became in involved ws directly through the company rep for our site. The doctor I worked for sent me to Chicago to train at the collagen companies expense. I also trained in the Twin Cities.

    Then after the specified training period and participating in collagen clinics (always with the rep) I was given a test. Written and clinical. Upon passing I was then certified to give the injections for cosmetic purpose only, as that is what I trained in.

    I then injected on days when Doc was in surgery and I charged so much per syringe. And also which type of collagen I was using, if I was layering etc. I then received a percentage of the gross sales per month.

    I enjoyed it. I never had any problems and if there was any question about a treatment or red flag the doctor always saw the patient first with me in after my initial consultation.

    Concerning Botox, I'm not sure how the regulation is as this is a potent drug and not in the same class of meds as a collagen filler. But I would start with the rep who helps you with the Botoax in office.
    Good Luck!
  7. by   Larry77
    I believe it is in the nurse practice act and varies between states. I know that RN's can give it in Wash St but have to have special training (similar to PICC line insertion). Most of the people I know that give it routinely are NP's that work in fancy "spas".
  8. by   Thornbird
    Check with the BON as to legality. In this state only MD's and APRN's can do it. If it's legal, you could check with the manufacturer rep or website or see if you can find someone locally to talk to you about it who is doing it in their practice already.