How can I get hospital experience as an RN?

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    I'm hoping others can offer me some advice or help. I received my bachelor's degree in nursing in 2010 and at that time it was close to impossible to find a job in a hospital. As a result, I worked in an office setting up until now. I have networked and applied to almost every hospital in Massachusetts with no luck. Every job posting states "Prior experience in a hospital setting required." I have personally gone to the HR departments at the hospitals and still with no luck. I have also tried applying to all other areas of nursing such as home care, primary care, nursing homes, etc. The companies that do reply say I should check back once I have had hospital experience. I have had my resume critiqued and it is up to par as far as I know. I am certified in Basic Life Support for the Professional Healthcare Provider from the American Red Cross and I have an active RN license. I have three years of experience, I am not a new grad, and I have excellent references. I graduated at the top of my nursing class and was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau, The International Honor Society of Nursing. I am totally discouraged and feel as though I should go back to school for something else but should I rack up more debt in school loans? Advice please!!!

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    Many of us are leaving or have left the hospital. Be careful what you wish for...
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    I believe moving to a place where hospitals have trouble recruiting or networking are the only way in your circumstance if you want to do acute care.
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    You have your BSN?
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    Honestly, I just want a job! I'll take any nursing position anywhere, I just can't because I don't have the ever-so-necessary "hospital experience."
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    Esme12 yes I have my BSN
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    CrunchRN, you say to move to another area, however, according to many discussions I have read, this is a problem across the U.S. Not to mention, I have a home and a life here and without a job, it makes it terribly difficult to up and move in search of a job. I would be better off going into another profession.
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    Mom To 4, I am actually in the process of applying to school to become an NP, I just need a job in the meantime!
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    Quote from limetree1987
    Mom To 4, I am actually in the process of applying to school to become an NP, I just need a job in the meantime!

    *** OMG! You are not telling anyone that are you? If you are that would help explain why you can't find a job.
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    I have 14 years of ICU experience and *I* can't get a hospital job!
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