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I'm not sure if it's right to ask how much people make, but I'm trying to get an idea of how much nurses usually make in the south. Most figures include data from states where pay is much higher. Specifically, I'm looking... Read More

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    Quote from oldeddieboy
    I'm curious to know if $100,000 is possible without working nights, weekends or crazy amounts of overtime...
    Honestly, NOT in the Southern US. Definitely not as a regular RN--even with many years of experience a dayshift M-F only salary isn't going to creep up that high. If you were an APRN/NP, then 100k could be possible, but not really likely. Salaries in the South are low across the board.

    Where I lived, RN salaries in the hospitals started around $20-24 hour for day shift. Even with years of experience, most topped out in the $30s/hr. Non-hospital salaries were frequently lower.
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