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  1. 0 I need help....I just graduated and past my state boards to be a CNA. I want to take the additional training course to be certified as an Home Health Aide. I have searched and searched and called every adult school, community college around my town and cant find anywhere that offers this additional course. Does ANYONE know where I can take this training to become certified? Is there a college that offers it online? I have googled everything I can think of and only can find the total HHA course, which I dont need because I already am a CNA. Please Somebody Help Me.......
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    I am not sure what state you are in, but in almost every state I am aware of, a CNA certification is the only thing needed to work as a HHA. In fact, I know that many home care agencies do not require a CNA for a HHA position as a 'homemaker'.
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    you should not need to be certified as a Home Health Aide because CNA requirements are more stringent- you can check with any homecare agency in your area as they are the ones who usually offer the classes.
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    Most Home Health agencies will give you the extra training required.

    There is a new training program, about 15-20 hrs total, for HHA certification. However, since Medicare does not yet require it, different states have different rules for needing it.

    BTW - - it IS more difficult to be a HHA than a CNA, and should require more training.
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    When I passed my state exam, I received 2 cards in the mail. One for LTC and one for home health. I knew during my class that it would be this way.
    Here in OK, if you only have the LTC you have 2 options: 1) Take the HH class, which is 1-2 days and about $150 then you take the written test. Option 2) Find a HH company, and you work side-by-side with an RN for 8 hours. I'm not sure how you go about getting certified, if that replaces the class then you test or whatever.

    If I were you, I would find a company that is hiring, and ask them if that could be an option for you. It never hurts to ask.

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    Call the nearest home health agency and inquire. You might be lucky to find out that they will train you and employ you as well.
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    I am a HHA in Nebraska, and I did not need further training other than on-the-job training for home health. I only needed to be a CNA. I would do what the above poster said to do: call a home health agency and ask. (: Good luck!
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    Hello, I'm having the same problem. All the local home health agencies in orlando, FL want their HHA to be certified. The BON does not have a certification law in florida for it. I have been working, on the internet for about two weeks now and finally, have found some schools ranging from $250 to $900. Be careful, some programs you only get a diploma and you dont get certified. The average cost is about $350.00. I'm here looking for information myself. Debbie