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While I was working yesterday, the TV in the room played a news story that made me take notice . . . the reporter was saying that government studies predict that by 2020, due to the retirement of... Read More

  1. by   OC_An Khe
    Yes retirement of the boomers will cause a greater demand for nurses and a dwindling supply. Once this economy turns aground, and it will, you will see nurses finding employment fairly easily. It always happens after every recession.
  2. by   vanrn
    (I don't mean to hi jack the thread but...) trauma...are you doing the DNP? I hear that going back to school in these troubled times is a good idea-best of luck to all who choose this path!!
  3. by   ohmylove
    Wouldn't you think that with the new health care reform there would be a huge demand for nurses. Considering the nurse to patient ratio right now is pushing it.
  4. by   vegas2009
    Quote from sunnycalifRN
    Haha! You must be a young person!! 2020 is only 10 years . . . when you get OLD, years go by faster and faster . . . my "baby girl" is 25!!!! For my sake, I hope that 2020 is a LONG WAY AWAY!!!

    Huh? only 10 years? That's a decade! For me, that is long..... But, nah, I'm not that young. I'm no spring chicken, if that's what you mean. What is old anyway -- 60?? Hey, I dated someone 15 years my senior when I was in my 20's, I'm in my 30's now. Some people just age well, with or without botox! Age is nothin' but a numba! I mean just look at Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, even John Edwards the cheetah Some people are just programmed to look better when they get older, it's like aged wine!