Help needed regarding adult diapers for bedwetting!

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    Hi everyone, not only am I an aspiring nurse myself, but I could also use some assistance from current nurses related to using adult diapers for a bedwetting issue I have been dealing with recently. I am going on vacation with a close friend next week and we will be sharing a hotel room. I'm terrified to tell her I have been wetting the bed so I have been considering buying adult diapers to slip on under my pajama pants before I go to bed. Would this be very noticeable? Would she likely be able to hear them or see them under the pajama pants? Is their an extra absorbent brand of adult diapers that would work well with a total loss of control at night?

    Thanks so much!

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    What are you currently using?
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    At home I have just been using a plastic cover to protect the mattress and put a towel under me while I sleep. I know it isn't the greatest idea, but I haven't quite worked up the courage to be wearing adult diapers, but I think for the trip I have no choice.
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    Have you seen a doctor? If this is new then perhaps there is an explanation.
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    As a result of a nephrectomy for cancer I also have incontinence issues. I use the Depends adult underwear. They hold quite a bit of fluid and I even wear them under jeans or shorts when we are going out. Sometimes it is just knowing I have them on that gives me the extra confidence to go out of the house. I do agree with the another poster who said you should discuss it with your doctor.
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    Depends "pull up" type is great, especially when being used with a "poise" (large) pad.
    You really, really should speak to a urologist regarding this issue, and if not a physical problem, something that a psychologist can help you with.
    Nothing to be terrified about. But it should be addressed to try and control the issue.
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    We urge you to see your physician....for product info, please contact a pharmacist who can direct you.
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