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Help Me Decide Between 2 jobs! (MUCH shorter version) - page 2

I have 2 years exp. as a psych nurse, 1.5 as a MH counselor, and a BA in psychology Job A: 32 hours in a psych hospital; 24 hours eves on a 6-bed unit where I'd be the only nurse--I'm not so much... Read More

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    Quote from ivyleaf
    Thanks for your advice, all!

    I guess I feel like I should get more experience in the hospital/with "basic" assessment skills, as I've never worked FT as a nurse before--the past 2 years, work has been secondary to school. I guess, I know I like working on an inpatient unit- that's what I do now-- And I'm a bit nervous about trying something new, especially if I don't end up liking it. Although client interaction is only one piece, I'll be working with much more chronically ill clients, and from working in a group home, I know there are lots of problems with the system (most of my clts will be in group homes/community residences)--staff training/education, chronic client behavioral problems, funding problems, etc etc. I am excited to work to improve/change some of these issues, but I know it will not happen overnight. Job B will be much more of a responsibility than A. I guess part of me likes the idea of coming home at the end of each shift and being *done* (no long-term projects, deadlines, etc). This is what appeals about Job A.

    Josinda- I received by ADN first. It's definitely possible to be a psych nurse as an LPN; however, an RN definitely opens up more options-- You may be discriminated against in the hiring process, will most likely make less $, and won't be eligible for some of the community mental health jobs-- UNLESS you have years of experience. A BA in psych is great, but it doesn't open up any job options besides those in psychology research, and those don't pay well (< or = $30k a year). I would eventually go for my RN, if I were you. But you can definitely work in psych as an LPN! What state do you live in?

    thanks for the reply. I thought as much that LPN's would make less in psych. I live in MD. Maybe I'll shadow with a nurse in a psych facility and see how I like it, and if I DO like it than maybe compansiate by working with a agency or something. thanks againd. And goo luck with your choices
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    Quote from exnavygirl-RN
    Wow, that would make for an extremely long post. ha ha ha I have it narrowed down to 2. uggggg I guess it is a good thing to have choices but I hate choosing!! It is so nerve racking for me.
    ExNavy- Are the jobs you are interested in psych? I'm curious! I too am SOO stressed about this, even though I haven't even been Job B!

    On another note:

    I just worked a 3-11 evening shift last night, which ended up being 3-12am with no dinner break. This is NOT the norm, but It was extremely stressful-- at 330 we had a pt fall and unable to get up (went to ER), 2 pts claimed sexual harassment from hospital staff (not staff from our floor), and 3 pts were 1:1-- 2 of which had to be females (Dt sexual harassment charges)

    When I got home, I couldn't fall asleep and was up till 3am, and slept until 2:30 today! I often do this after working evening shifts and am considering not taking Job A just because of this---I end up wasting the AM hours and staying up late unproductive on my computer, snacking mindlessly. Ugh!