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I am a new grad and I graduated in May '12. It took me almost 6 moths after I graduated to find a job. I was so excited to get the job. It was at the hospital I had always wanted to work at but not... Read More

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    Quote from squatmunkie_RN
    1st rule working with a bunch of women: trust no one. Apply for a new job and say nothing about the old one. If they ask what you were doing those past 5 weeks make

    up a good lie.
    Lieing is NOT a good idea. It will come back to bite you.
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    I would never lie about it. There is too much at stake in my future to lie about it and I'm not the type of person who will lie to get through in life. I was raised better than that and I have morals. I haven't had a job since September other than this one. So even if I don't put it on my resume, which I have found several resume building sites that say not to, there is going to be a gap in employment anyway.

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