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Hello. I am a new RN. I have one degree a BS, and then I just got my BSN. How do I sign my name?? My hubby is buying me a scrub jacket with my name on it for Christmas and I want to make sure I have it right. :redpinkhe So would... Read More

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    RN, BS, BSN is great and proper, for your gift from your hubbie. However in signature for your routine job just RN is all you should sign - that is what you are hired as. (Besides, if you start signing all your initials after your name it can take forever,and does come across as self serving. I only sign all mine, RN, RCNP, CON, CNM, CCBE, CLNC, BSN, SSANE,CVT, when I am dealing with a situation where they may legally be needed or I am d ealing with uberupper management.0)
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    Last name, RN, BSN
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    I also have a BS in Biology (pre-med emphasis) and a BSN. Our hospital does not differentiate between ADN and BSN. I have not once in the 2 and 1/2 yrs I've been an RN signed with BSN or put that on anything, besides my job application. I know I have it, thats all that matters.
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    My facility specified how your badge and signature should appear. Even before I worked there my alphabet stayed in their frames on the wall and I am "P RN"
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    Initial of first name, last name, then RN. It's all you need for most charting.
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    Initial of first name, last name, then RN. It's all you need for most charting.

    I agree. I also have multiple degrees and certifications. One caution, though...

    If you use a nickname, do NOT use your nickname when you sign your charts. Use your proper name, as listed with the Board of Nursing in your state. If your name is Elizabeth, but you are called Beth, your proper first initial for charting purposes is E. Nurse, RN.
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    Good evening. This is the OP. I have read through most of the replies. THANK YOU for adding your thoughts. I appreciated that!

    Yes, I just wanted to clarify that when I SIGN my name, it's NAME, RN. That is it! I do not list all the degrees when I sign. Yes! That would be OVERKILL! I agree!

    On my nurses jacket I was going to put the NAME, BS, BSN, RN.

    At one of my jobs, my boss WANTED me to list all the degrees on my business card and I did. I have listed NAME, BS, BSN, RN. But when I sign, it's just NAME, RN.

    Just wanted to clarify that. I would not sign my name with all the degrees. Crazy! No!

    Thanks everybody! Have a great night!!
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    It depends on the laws of the state where you are licensed. California has a name tag rule and/or office with license/s posted on wall with your credentials in lieu of a name tag. How this affects a lab coat would be if you are using the lab coat as your ID source. Most/all nurses must wear an ID tag at work so this lets you put whatever you want on your lab coat. See link for CA law and the use of the title nurse and ID tag requirement below FYI.

    I put my degrees and credentials on my office wall because as a school nurse, I have had name tags on lanyards pulled into seizures. Clip ID was a better choice for me and the wall was the best - no lost (or washed) ID tags.
    KathyM, RN, PHN, BSN, M.Ed.

    PS: I put them in order as I acquired them, looks like folks say that the RN is last. Guess I need to fix that name tag. :icon_roll :spin:
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    I worked as an electrician for a long time before I decided a career change was in order and went to nursing school (and still am in school for my BSN, then NP).

    Guess my badge could read,
    Sparketteinok, AAS, Electrical Mechanical Maintenance Engineering, LPN
    "not only can I fix you, but I can light you up too!!"

    But then, that might be a little obnoxious and self-serving, no?
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    too funny or should I say "brilliant"

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