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President's day. I had worked the night before and was just getting up in time for the kids to get out of school. I got the phone call that changed my life forever. I answered it to hear hysterical crying. At first i could not... Read More

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    thank you all for reading this. Writing it down was very healing for me, and I'm glad I could share dad's story with you. My friend whose child was saved by a donated kidney asked if, when I'm ready, if I wouldn't mind volunteering and telling my story for the donor network. I said I would love to.
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    *Also I realized that presidents day the kids didn't have school! It's funny how the stress has altered my memory of that first day! I was sleeping all day until I got that call. I should have proof-read but I just wanted to get the story down and out there.
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    I had tears in my eyes. I am so sorry for your loss. Organ donation is the single most amazing gift someone can give another person.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family..
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    That made me cry. I am so sorry for your loss. What a unique perspective you must have. I can't imagine what the "donor recovery experience" must look like as a family member, especially as a nurse. My heart goes out to you and your family right now, thank you for sharing.
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    You're article is an inspiring testimony of love for your father. Often the separation is hard. It helps me to know I will see my mother again. I was very close to her.
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    Thank you for this story and for your choice to donate your father's organs. My dad received a heart transplant when I was 12 and because of another family's selfless decision he was able to walk one of his daughters down the aisle, see me graduate from high school, and meet a new grandson. Thank you.
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    As i sit here reading this thread tears stream down my cheeks. I am in awe at how similiar our stories are. On Februrary 3rd 2013 my 17 yr old niece had an asthma attack that they think led to anaphylactic shock. She was defibbed at her house after 15 minutes of CPR by my brother in law, then shocked 3 times in the hospital. She was then put in a coma and on a vent. I too am an RN and when i found out how long Bobbie had been without oxygen my clinical side came out and i knew if she did come back it wouldnt be our Bobbie. They cooled her down also so her brain could rest. after a few days they began warming her up and stopped the sedatives and hypnotics. All this time i or someone in my family stayed with her in the pediatric ICU just praying for some sign of life. And I, just like you, checked her pupils I dont know how many times hoping for SOME reaction, but did not get any and I knew that she was gone. That wednesday is when the tests ran for her showed no brain function, they pronounced her at 430pm. My sister and brother in-law had to make the awful decision to stop the life support. Fortunatley my niece, like your dad, was adament about organ donations, so my sisters decision was an easy one....take all that you can to help someone else live. They were able to donate everything except the lungs. My little angel even gave her butt and shoulders . They took her for surgery Thursday feb. 7th after we all said our final goodbyes. We were then advised that her heart was great and a perfect match for a 14 year old child awaiting a transplant. As we mourned the death of her, another family was celebrating the life of their child. And for that we were so proud of her. Be proud of you dad, for he and Bobbie gave a gift that we cannot. the gift of life and healing. may all your good memories of your dad flood your heart in the months to come. RIP to both of them.
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    Setingle, I too am in awe of how similar the stories are. Except I am so sad that your niece died so very young. It must be especially heartbreaking that she did not get a chance to experience very much of her life. :-( What an ordeal. But how inspiring that you found out her heart was a perfect match!!! I work in peds and have had a copule of heart transplant patients come in for various things (very post transplant) and to see them there alive was amazing. We find out in a month more info about the recipient family. If they are willing it would be nice to meet them, but if they would rather have privacy that's fine, too.
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    I'm so sorry, I've been thinking about you and your family for a while, my prayers are with you.

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