HAPPY BIRTHDAY Florence Nightingale

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    Happy Birthday. And, thank you.
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    She was a smart, tough, no-nonsense cookie, that's for sure. And she probably wouldn't take very kindly to me calling her a 'cookie', either.
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    Yup!! God bless her!!! No telling how many lives she saved both directly and indirectly!!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    would love to visit the museum in England honoring her

    Reading "Rose of Sebatopol", which is about a cousin of Florence Nightingale's who became a nurse during the Crimean war. Fiction, but interesting.
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    Iīve already been to the museum and itīs lovely!!!

    Happy b-day dear Flo and thanks for empowering this beautiful profession!!!!!

    God bless you!
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    Happy Birthday Flo