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I thought that I knew all about transcultural nursing when I wrote about Yoshi- the young Hassidic Jewish patient we cared for and got through his bone marrow transplant. I didn't think that caring for Haitians and the nurses... Read More

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    Hello holisticdreams,
    I'm interestd in traveling to Hati with your group.
    Please contact me.
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    I was just wondering if you have any contacts in milot or information about the hospital there. I was there this summer volunteering in an orphanage and am starting nursing school now. I would love to go back and work/volunteer there as a nurse next summer.
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    If you're in Milot, the hospital is Hopital Sacre Coeur and is supported by Crudem. Go to "Crudem.org" website for info re: volunteering. A team put together by Crudem goes down during the "winter" or cooler months and donates a week of service. I'm not sure what you would do, but they'll have a better idea. (Do you know French or even Creole? That was my biggest hurdle!) Good luck!
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    Ya i was at that hospital this summer a few times with the kids from the orphanage. Do you know how i could contact them about volunteering there? The website doesnt really have a contact us section at all. I took french in highschool/university a little bit so i picked up a little creole this summer. Would need to do some more classes, but the basics i got this summer.!
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    Although it is a bit wealthier, my experience in the Dominican Republic was the same regarding people taking their medicine to a curandera. They would ask her if she should take it. We started telling patients that if they have a curandera, they should take the medicine to her. Tell her these are the reasons we want you to take it. Respecting the wisdom of the native healers and choosing to work with them was very effective at increasing compliance.
    Thanks so much to everyone re: your Haiti posts. I feel really inspiried by your stories. I've been able to go to Belize and the DR. Both were great opportunities.
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    I'm from CA, I'm finishing my second semester of nursing pre-reqs. I traveled to Haiti last June, and was also shocked at how much we take for granted, running water, toilets, air conditioning, clean water, clothes, shoes, food. It was an incredible experience to hold a newborn baby and realize how blessed people in America are. My brother is there in Haiti right now, building and teaching sunday school. We both hope to continue going, I eventually as a nurse and him as a missionary pilot. Thank you to the nurses that are already down there!!!

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