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We as Nurses know this one. We even know little cute ways to know how long to wash them(i.e. alphabet song, happy birthday, etc.). A new study conducted by our University Hospital's Medical Tech Program reminded me that... Read More

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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN

    I'm freaked that a re-usable water bottle, on the third fill up, is as sanitary as drinking lake or swamp water. Eat a cert please/thank you
    Is that true or is it just a myth the water companies come out with to make you buy new bottles each time? I refill and reuse mine for at least a week, sometimes more.
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    how about the pyxis?
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    I use sanitizer in the room and offer some to the patient and family...
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    I've often thought about the bedside curtains........
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    When I worked in a SNF, we had a resident who was notorious for wiping her bum with the curtain. Housekeeping refused to take the curtain down to wash it, so I would have to perch precariously on a chair and take it down myself. And then convincing the laundry people to actually wash it was a task all its own. I don't miss that place.
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    Wow some of these are scary! We have tried so many different projects on our unit to try to encourage staff to wash hands/use hand sanitizer. I work in the NICU so it is hard to get our parents to comply with this too. Also, you'd be surprised how many staff members (housekeepers, respiratory therapists, doctors, etc.) in addition to our staff nurses that I watch do things like touch their hair, eat food, etc. and then go and touch the patient without washing!
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    I have looked back over the list, and no accudoses, or Pyxis was swabbed. But, I bet the finger-bio-tech-scan-thingamajig is filthy! I guess I am glad they didn't, ignorance is bliss they say!

    On the water bottles, I actually heard that on Paul Harvey Show years ago, but your right, I am going to suggest that as a test-study, because that smells like a marketing scam!
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    Money..the dirtiest thing ever. I have seen many of my coworkers omit washing their hands after handling money. Just think where some of that money may have been...!
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    No curtains in study, but a blind manipulator rod in report room was nearly last at #208, I think they at least use a bacteriostatic in those separator curtains, hopefully

    Hydrocarbons (plastics) to microbes are toxic, that's why the plastic H2O bottles make me wonder now too.
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    This is what really gets me. We go room to room doing vitals. Of course an isolation room has its own. So these cuffs and 02 sat finger things are NEVER washed between patients. WHY is this? I use alcohol swabs to clean it but have no idea if this is the right thing to clean with. If I am ever in a hospital and alert, I will ask for that finger holder to be wiped down. And then the patients are toileted and do not wash hands. And what about those urinals that are placed on the bedside table next to the food! I am astonished.

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