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The following name has been changed and the situation slightly altered to protect the privacy of those involved. However, it remains a ‘true story’ about a lesson learned through an elderly woman I first met Grace after I... Read More

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    You got me crying now

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    I recently lost "my" first resident and it has been SO difficult...I loved her so much, and have had a raw spot in my heart. Your post helped me to heal a little. Thank you.
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    This is why I love LTC!
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    I wanted to leave a comment on here about your article. I have been in nursing first as an aide and then as an LPN. When I started working in nursing, I worked in a LTCF in my small town. You get really close to the residents. The first time one of my patients passed away was very hard, but that is not why i wanted to write this. Recently my father passed away, he was not very old but he had lung cancer. He suffered for so long. Prior to his death, he was placed on a vent. It was very hard for us to see him like that. The nurses in the ICU were wonderful to my dad and us. It is not just the LTC facilities that deal with death. We have frequent flyers in the hospital that i work at that really affect us all.

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