A funny and warped FACES pain scale

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    I laughed when I read this:

    Hyperbole and a Half: pain faces

    FYI, a small amount of swearing involved.

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    tooooooo funny!!!!!
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    It is good to see that you are living up to your name.

    I laughed so hard, I cried.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    That was hilarious. I love it.
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    LOL....that was awesome
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    Hilarious! I want to print that out for my drug-seeking pts. that constantly rate rate their pain 10/10 with no relief ever and manage to go outside, IV pole and pump in tow to smoke. I wanna be like: this is what 10/10 pain looks like!!!
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    HAHA! That just made my day! Not even kidding
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    Next time I do a pain assessment, I'm gonna ask "Is it like you're actively being mauled by a bear?" with a sidelong, eyebrows raised expression on my face. Prolly draw a complaint...
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    I love it! Probably won't be able to use it at work, though!
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    I'm currently working a temp job as a occupational nurse and I had a patient collapse in my office. I called 9-1-1 and I kept his as comfortable as I could while we waited. BP was dropping, pain was excruciating, but there was a language barrier as this gentleman was visiting from an Asian country and couldn't speak any of the languages I speak, nor I his.

    When the paramedics arrived, I said, somewhat jokingly but not entirely, that his pain sure looks like a 10/10 although I can't confirm it - the medic said: if he was 10/10 he'd be beyond cooperative. I asked, 9.5 on 10?
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