Funding a second degree bachelor's program

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    Hello : ) I was just curious for anyone who has completed, in or applied to ABSN programs across the country, I am looking for schools that will offer substantial financial aid packages. Since I will soon graduate with a bachelors degree and will no longer be eligible for federal funding, I am looking for a school that will take that into consideration, considering I am already thousands of dollars in debt for my first undergrad degree.
    I am willing to relocate if the price is right. If anyone has any experience or knowledge of any programs anywhere in the United States that may offer a considerable amount of aid, I would love any input at all.
    Thank you in advance : )

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    you can still take out loans your just not eligable for loans. My program was pretty expensive and my subsidized and unsubzidized loans coverd all but 6 thousand of my program. good luck!
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    So, if I understand this correctly are we talking about federal loans or private student loans? If you don't mind me asking, where did you go to school?
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    You can still take out federal loans you are just not eligable for grants, but in most cases you will need to either have some money or take out private loans as well as accelerated programs are expensive.... (but i have zero regrets about going that route
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    Check out LSUHSC CARE program. It is an accelerated BSN program that is not as expensive as other schools.
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    I got loans (not private) for all 3 of my degrees and my first one was a bachelors. You cant get anymore grants, but you are still able to get federal loans. Trust me, Im still paying them all back!

    You can call 1-800-4-FED-AID with any questions.

    Good Luck!
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    Try for scholarships and loan repayment programs. Also - Georgetown University has teamed up with WHC for a program that pays 80% of the tuition at Georgetown's ABSN in exchange for working at WHC afterwards. Check out the school's or hospital's website.
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    I know U of Arizona has a similar program where they pay all your tuition in exchange for 3 years of work. But just an FYI, you still have to pay a chunk during tax time because it's considered a gift and you will be taxed a huge chunk of your gift. As an independent student the maximum goes up in terms of how much federal loans you can take out in a lifetime. I want to say it's around $57,000 for all undergrad programs - subsidized and unsubsidized combined. Unsubsidized is almost like private loans though because it's 6.8% interest and the interest is not deferred while in school. There might also be nursing loans that the school offers. I think a lot of school, especially the really expensive ABSN will offer a small scholarship, but the majority will be paid in loans. If you can't get enough federal loans, you'll need to offset with private loans or other income. Hope that helps.
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    There is a limit to Federal loans (subsidized and unsubsidized), it's $57,500.

    If you've hit that max, you will need to apply for private student loans.

    Another option is the accelerated MSN. I know many people who are doing this because they can go onto the graduate funding from federal loans instead of dipping into private loans.
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    Florida Atlantic University has a 12-month ABSN and its very cheap. I called and was told its less than $20,000. They said its very intense and your in school or clinicals everyday, except weekends. Its at their Boca Raton, FL campus.

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