Fun Quick Moonlighting Survey

  1. Do you moonlight at all?? If so, take the quick survey below.

    How often do you moonlight?
    What % of your total income comes from moonlighting?
    Would you moonlight more if it were easier to find the work?
    How much do you make monthly from moonlighting?
  2. Poll: what % of your income comes from Moonlighting?

    • 1-5%

      0% 0
    • 6-10%

      40.00% 2
    • 11-15%

      20.00% 1
    • 16-20%

      40.00% 2
    • 21% or more

      0% 0
    5 Votes
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  4. by   klone
    I didn't know people still called it that!
  5. by   xoemmylouox
    Hoping to start back up on the weekends.. It's actually tough to find a decent place if you only want weekends.. It's crazy!
  6. by   OCRN3
    3-4 times a month, i get 2000 extra for it, its about 600 a shift.

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  7. by   OCRN3
    I Only do it because im afraid to lose my skills, I would rather do it once a month but never seen a per diem position like that. I don't want to do registry.

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  8. by   ~PedsRN~
    I will pick up extra shifts now and again, on my own unit and other units in the hospital. It's not a regular thing though.
  9. by   dasher
    Ah! What is it referred to these days?