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For years, we (in the nursing profession) have identified an increase in full moon personality changes among our patients and co-workers. None of them for the better! Yet research does not support our theory that the... Read More

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    I find that any time the moon hits a designated phase we seem to have an increase of referrals from other hospitals and we are usually running a high census at the time.

    Also see it happen when the weather changes ( specially when its gets cold) I find it amazing how many homeless addicts decide that they would like to get clean right at the same time the snow starts to fly. Or the number of patients who are suicidal until they sign into the unit and then deny anything is wrong.

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    As a nurse in LTC, I can say truthfully, without shame or embarrassment, the full moon phenomenon exists. I don't know why, but my more difficult patients get considerably more difficult during a full moon - I have the bruises to prove it.
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    As others have said, the moon has its effects on the tides and since the human body is appr. 60% water, I'm sure it has its effects on us also.

    I worked in LTC and I'd like to believe that we have more sundowner's residents on full moons. Once full moon I had a resident smearing feces in one room while another resident was streaking down a hall...both behaviors weren't "normal" for these two, but crazy happens everyday in LTC.

    It is a fun idea and topic and even with no test results showing it actually exists, I still "prepare" myself for every full moon!
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    BlueDevilDNP. Said it so well I can't add anything except I hope the majority of nurses agree with him.

    On the other hand I ate carrots for a snack yesterday and had a fender bender car accident afterwards. PROVE the carrots did not cause my fender bender.
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    Our Ambulance service that usually averages 1 call per day, ran 30 calls during the week of the full moon! I've never been a believer in any full moon superstitions, but wow does it seem to have had an impact this month!
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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Lots and lots of research studies have proven this is all myth.

    Fun myth.

    But myth nonetheless.

    I'm not superstitious so this kind of stuff bugs me. I say I walk under ladders, break mirrors, throw away rabbits' feet, run over black cats, step on every single crack in the sidewalk, and say QUIET at work all the time. My luck isn't bad and my mom's back is still intact.

    Thank you! I thought I might be the only nurse alive without a superstitious bone in my body. I'm still new and the more experienced nurses always remind me about not using the "Q-word" and other crazy beliefs they have. Come on! A car is not going to crash, someone isn't going to have a MI, a pt won't code, etc simply because I observed we're not very busy this shift.

    As for the full moon thing... we have plenty of crazy shifts all month long. But as soon as it's the full moon, somebody is always blaming it on that. What's the excuse for the rest of the month then?
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    I agree. I have seen this too often as well.

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