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oldandintheway has 10 years experience and specializes in ED.

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  1. Vent

    Yesterday for the third consecutive year I fell asleep during one of our “mandatory” annual refresher courses. Fortunately/unfortunately a dear friend of mine kept punching me in the arm to wake me up, apparently I was snoring. The instructor was a...
  2. While You Wait

    I've said to patients that the two best things to happen in the Emergency Department is to wait and to have only one staff member in the room with you. If you are waiting you are not dying and if only one person is in the room you are not being code...
  3. Triage times (under 3 minutes)

    Median times may be more helpful than average times, I also see many unqualified nurses in triage roles. I think the worst thing is when a provider interferes by trying to start an assessment to preserve their door to doc times. I also think fast t...
  4. California is a very large state, cost of living varies considerably
  5. What makes a good manager?

    I experienced leadership and management training in a very unforgiving environment a long time ago and dealt with the harshest peer review imaginable, would they come back for you when your a** was hanging in the wind. I learned the single most impo...
  6. how bad is 11a-11p?

    1100-2300 can be good or bad depending on what you want, I like it. You don't deal with the lull at the end of night shift/beginning of day shift, usually busy when you arrive till when you leave. Trade offs are searching for and often not getting ad...
  7. Be honest: do you feel valued by your employer?

    Took a while but I've come to the conclusion I work for my patients not the hospital; although the hospital is legally obligated to thank me every other week for having clocked in. I try to get my affirmation from the conversations with my patients,...
  8. You know the shift is gonna be a hot mess when ...

    Or they use their spouse's cell phone.......
  9. 50 years old : I want to be a nurse

    I was over 50 when I started nursing school and I wasn't the oldest one. It can be done and it opened up a great and rewarding second career. You will face some different challenges than your younger classmates but they will have unique challenges ...
  10. Are state surveys conducted on weekends?

    Depends, is this a routine recertification survey or in response to an incident. Although in theory surveyors may arrive at any time unannounced, I don't recall routine surveys occurring outside of regular state business hours. Surveyors are state em...
  11. Different Titles (initials)

    Andy and Barney went to Mt Pilot, Barney made reservations as B. Fife MD. Andy asked why everyone was calling Barney Dr Fife. Barney said he registered as Barney Fife, Mayberry deputy. In the end its capability and competence that matters.
  12. New Nurse IV Struggles

    The only real advice I can offer is: use the best vein you find, not the first vein you find; most situations allow the time to search out your best option.
  13. $600 an hr to fill a shift?

    True dat
  14. $600 an hr to fill a shift?

    Different industry, different lifetime but if we were forced to work short handed the ones that did show up split the missing persons wages. That eliminated the incentive for the employer to purposely short staff. I wish we could institute that pra...
  15. CCRN

    I understand what you are saying, however I did not come to the ED from a vacuum. I would not be artificially pounding questions, I do have a broader experience base. My question is would there be any value in the context of continuum of care. By t...