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I'm going to full time nights soon and wanted to get some ideas. That is all. Thanks.... Read More

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    I work 2 jobs, 5 shifts per week. 7p-7a...I find that the more I work, the more of a rhythm I maintain. I can't take the flip-flopping from days to night schedule very much. If I were to work my FT job with 3- 12hr shifts per week, I would prefer 3 in a row, then some days off, at least 3 off in a row...

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    what's your new job OP? (replied in your other thread on job hopping).
    I've been working nights for 2 and a half years now, and counting, and looking to go to days now. Nights just doesn't work for me, but I tolerated it long enough. Be prepared to tolerate it for a few years. I've been married for several years now, and my hubby and I have yet to work the same schedule, don't see him much. I also can't sleep well anymore (and never really slept well on night shift, always feel tired), miss the sunshine, so for these reasons, I will be looking for a change. I really like the ICU, though, and wish I could stay there, but day shift may never be an option (at least not for a few years, turnover on days is very low, night shift turnover is high, and I'm not next on the list to go to days, still some people ahead of me). So, we'll see what happens....applying for internal transfers so I can stay with my system. Since most jobs are night shift, it may be a little while until I find something, but I'm happy and rested in my decision.

    Maybe you'll find you like nights, though. A few people do. Majority do not.

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