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Foley Cathether

  1. 0 What is the difference between a foley cathether and a cathether?
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    there isn't
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    A foley is used when continuous drainage of the bladder is desired. It is so named after Dr. Frederick E. B. Foley, an American physician, 1891-1966. (Mosby's 6th edition medical dictionary)

    Basically, foley catheter is synonymous with indwelling catheter.
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    A catheter is a tube that is inserted into the body or a body cavity/orrifice. Such as: a suction catheter for NT or tracheal suctioning, a central venous catheter for administration of IV medicaitons and fluid, Swanz-Ganz catheter for measuring cardiac output and fluid status, just to name a few.

    In casual conversation when a nurse reports "he has a catheter" most likely they are talking about the urinary kind. We even say "he has a foley", meaning the same thing.
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    What does it mean when someone talks about "straight cathing"?

    Thanks, Nancy
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    Straight cathing is a urinary catheter tube inserted into the urethral opening into the bladder to empty it of urine once, then you take it straight out. You do not have a balloon on this and it doesn't stay in place. This is usually done when the pt doesn't need a catheter but needs the bladder emptied immediately. Some people whith spinal injuries and diseases straight cath themselves several times a day since they cannot empty on their own.
    Sometimes this is done prior to surgery to prevent a full bladder from getting in the way of the operative site(or nicking the bladder)

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