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first year nursing salary

  1. 0 How much money does a first year RN make?
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    This will vary from across the country due to the cost of living. Your best bet is to check
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    i hate to be a cop-out, but it depends, mostly on the region, the type of facility, and the shifts worked, as well as the weekend and holiday requirements and if there is a sign-on bonus. also, some hospitals charge more for benefits, which should be factored in as well.
    in the new castle county, delaware area when i graduated about two years ago, the annual salary for a new grad was 52,041.60 for a full-time, hospital employed nurse who did not receive a sign-on bonus or any shift, weekend or holiday differentials, with a base benefit program at no extra charge.
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    The Texas Medical Center Hospitals in Houston are around 52-53K. The state hospital in Galveston 49K.
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    It might help you to find your state's forum here and ask there. From what I've gathered, salaries can range anywhere from 40-60k in the first year, that could be base or with benefits depending. Go check out your state thread or ask around your town.
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    Base for my first job will be 57,647 that I am starting in 6 weeks. (Without differentials etc.)

    In Mpls MN.
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    In Alabama, the first year nursing salary is quite low. About 33,000-40,000. However, with a 2-3 years experience, you can be making more like in the range of 40,000 to 60,000, depending on the area and specialty. For new RN's in Alabama, LTC may be the way to go for money, and to learn valuable time management skills. Plus, in a good LTC, many skills are practiced daily. I learn things in my LTC that I never did in the hospital.:heartbeat