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I woke up excited and nervous about clinicals. I put on my school issued scrubs, with girdle underneath, and tied the waist tight. I am 5 ft 3 and 290 pounds, and a girdle is necessary in order to... Read More

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    Sounds like you really enjoy what you are doing!!!! About this CNA force feeding the resident....learn from here....this will teach you what not to do all will make you all the better....Keep up the good work....and keep loving what you are doing!
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    That was a really cute story! I am glad you had a great day. I hope there are more people like you out there...... keep up the positive attitude!
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    LOL! You have me cracking up!
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    your story was really entertaining!
    i am looking forward to my first day of clinicals!
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    I just wanted to throw in my experience on my first day of clinicals which by now was 16 years ago. I was so nervous I about started crying while my teacher was passing out the assignments and I had even been a CNA for a few years before that, but this was different! Anyway, my patient was probably a 55 year old man and he had genital warts. However, he had never had them treated so by the time I saw them it looked like he had 3 large heads of cauliflower under his penis. I've never seen anything like it again either! Poor guy, I guess he was just too embarassed to see a doctor. Nowadays we know that that virus can cause cervical cancer. He was kind enought to let my ENTIRE class of 15 watch as his nurse did a sterile dressing change on his warts. I saw he died a few months later.
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    P.S. I have just completed my first month of employment as a CNA in a LTC. I LOVE IT, and by the way, I have finally learned how to keep my pants up. My secret? Suck in and tie 'em up tight.
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    Congrats Franharmon ...on your new job, maintaining your enthusiasm, and learning how to keep your pants up!!
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    i love your positive atiitude. i wish we all could be soooo enthusiastic!
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    This is actually a violation of the resident's right to be treated with dignity and should be reported to the state omnbudsman
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    love this post!