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Expert!!!! WOW!!!!

  1. 36 I am so flattered. My coworker from the education department at my work is working on her DNP, and in the course of her research project needs several "expert" ICU nurses do a performance assessment on for her study validation. She asked me if I would participate. She could have picked from 100+ ICU trained nurses in the medical center and she chose me (as one of 4)! I am SO THRILLED!!!!

    I would have put myself in the "proficient" category. To hear this from someone that actually knows what's what is such a compliment! Maybe I will put my "burnout" on the "backburner" for awhile (well, at least a week or so!)

    I know nobody out there really cares, but I wanted to be happy with somebody out there that **might** actually get what a big deal that is.

    YAY FOR ME!!!!!!
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    congrats! It feels so good to be validated by someone instead of having the little things you forgot or didn't get to nitpicked on!

    Hold your head up and put a little swagger in your step!
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    That is super!! It's always terrific to get feedback like that from your peers in any sort of professional setting. Congratulations!
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    Yay For You!!!!!
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    YAY! I hope to be right there with you someday. At this point I am close to competent. I think that is pretty good for a nurse only 10 months out of school.
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    Great job!! It took alot of work on your part to get to wear those Expert Shoes!!!


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    Good for you!!

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    : ) yay for you!
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    Sweet and wonderful for you! I just shadowed ER the other day.....let me tell you a little peer/superior/external validation does wonders for the motivation/ego/interest in keeping on keeping on! Way to go! Unsolicited affirmation is a true testament to your skills and abilities!
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    yeah we really don't care.

    j/k. good for you, i guess
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    You are you. You are not WE.

    Great job OP! Nice to get a little recognition now and then!!!
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    expert is a word thrown around a lot these days, I don't think no one is an "expert" on anything, there are just some poeple who know more that others, but there is always room to know more- and to continue learning.