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So I think most nurses do help cleaning staff by emptying linen and garbage bags if they are full. Especially on the night shift where there is less cleaning staff. Some even dispose of them down a chute. But what if you... Read More

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    As a nurse who works for an employer walks through those doors into the building you are required to do what ever is asked of you or quit and go elsewhere. If you believe the request will hurt the patient then refuse to do it. They could still fire you. What do you do when you must turn a 450 pound patient over in bed or help a 160 lb patient to the bathroom? I know that trash bags do not weight this much. A nurse is an employee and must get the job done what ever the jobs is. With the changes that will take place in the near future, budget cuts will remove these support staff, so get ready to handle more dities or as I said quit! A little tough love but a furure reality!
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    Wow, some of you are snobs, lol
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    I agree with nursing staff taking out trash/linens from pt rooms because it makes for a cleaner environment and promotes pt comfort(ie: smelly trash or linen bags). Another poster said that even if there was 24/7 housekeeping staff available, you would have to page housekeeping, wait for them to get to the unit, and then tell them what needs to be done. By then, you could have emptied trash and linen from the whole unit! lol Anywho, I do think that housekeeping should clean up bodily fluid messes, but I'm sure you would run into the same problem… Leave it all up to the nurse! They can handle it! *rolling eyes*
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    Just for clarification- when one refers to 'scope of practice'- aren't they talking about the highest level of skill allowed for a certain title (LVN,RN,CNA,etc)? It just seems to me that when concerned about 'scope' of practice, you should be thinking "Am I allowed to answer this medical question, or lance this wound" and not, "Am I allowed to take out the garbage or flush the toilet". 'Scope of Practice' is about qualifications, correct? I don't know anyone over the age of 3 that isn't 'qualified' to take out a size appropriate bag of garbage or laundry.
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    My job description ends with "and do anything else that is required"....
    so I empty garbage, linen bags, mop floors, etc when it necessary!

    ALL of it goes with the turf, so to speak!
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    All I can say is WOW. I work in vet med. Essentually I'm the dental hygenist, rad tech, lab tech, anesthetist, surgical assistant, pack wrapper, "nurse" janitor, receptionist, cage/kennel/stall cleaner, etc. Basically I do everything except diagnose, prescribe treatments/medications or surgery. Yes I has a BS in veterinary technology as well as advanced training and I still clean. We don't have housekeeping staff. The staff and the doctors do all the housekeeping at our hospital. This means everything from cleaning and sanatitizing cages; cleaning the surgery; putting packs back together and sterilizing; maintaining and cleaning equipment; laundry; dump trash; clean trash cans; grounds keep; etc. We take bags and buckets of trash out to the dumpster. Since our patients don't use the toliet, these bags and buckets are full of more then just paper waste. A five gallon bucket of horse manure can easily weigh 50#. I'm just shaking my head.

    Fuzzy, CVT

    Sorry my spelling is off, I guess I just lifted one too many buckets of horse manure today.
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    get the lift team?

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    If you look at your job description, you can probably fit pretty much everything is part of your job. I worked night shift, we had no housekeeping, so i would empty garbage.
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    Quote from Giveheart
    So I think most nurses do help cleaning staff by emptying linen and garbage bags if they are full. Especially on the night shift where there is less cleaning staff. Some even dispose of them down a chute. But what if you injure yourself while lifting these?...are you covered? Are you concerned about your own safety and refuse to do it?
    Well, I have no problem emptying and replacing garbage liners, they're light. But since housekeeping now deems themselves unable to remove IV poles and pumps from the room (never mind suction canisters), I won't be emptying and changing out 100lbs of linen bag anytime soon. I already lift over 1200 lbs of wt. a day, according to a study recently done. NNU website, if you care to read it.
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    Duties as assigned...yep, that means you do what needs to be done. I am so tired of people who think "not my job". I was taught in nursing school 25+ years ago to keep my work environment clean. Nothing is worse than having an emergency and then running into a room that has dirty linen and full trash cans. My rooms are always neat, orderly, stocked and ready for anything!

    If you don't think it is "your job", I don't care, bottom line is it needs to be done, so either do it yourself or call housekeeping to do it.
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