Employment gap

  1. Can a prospective employer find out about my previous job if I don't put it on my resume?
    I'm a new nurse who was being trained on a telemetry floor and it was a horrible experience for me but this is the only experience I have. I don't want any future employers to contact my current manager so I'm planning to omit my current job from the resume.
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  3. by   etaoinshrdluRN
    Verification of employment is a frequent background check. I left off a tentative charge nurse job because I accepted the offer, found out I had no time for it, and retracted my offer within days. I sent a note to HR about it, stating that it was so very tentative I didn't think it belonged on my rsum. I would rather disclose and plead uncertainty, than have a nonstarter employer show up in a search and THEN have to explain. She sent me a not back thanking me, and that she'd let me know if there were any "issues" with my check.
  4. by   Esme12
    Nowadays....yes. If you recieved a paycheck they can find out with the credit background check. better to be upfront and honest1
  5. by   bluemartian
    All HR has has to do is plug in your SS# and wa la! Even that credit card you applied for 20 years ago will show up
  6. by   anon695
    What about non-nursing jobs? I left off an administrative assistant job I had right out of college (was laid off a year later) my resume just because it was taking up space. The job was a decade ago, long before I started nursing school. I left off another (irrelevant) AA job from 7 years ago, I was only there a few months before the department was moved to another city and again it was just taking up space on my resume. Is truncating like this okay?
  7. by   netglow
    I agree. I left a job that was no good for my shiny new license. I have a massive previous work hx so I knew rather quickly that if it looks like X, smells like X, then it is X. So knowing I would need to list this X job, I left all gracious and with full two weeks notice.

    All the necessary evils must be completed no matter how fast you feel you need to run, you have to resist and do it right.
  8. by   purple10
    some self help articles for resumes and such say that if you had a position for 30 days or less then not to put that on your resume. Others say to put only what pertains to the postion you are applying for, and that most employers really only want the last ten years of employment.
  9. by   Jacen Solo
    In the beginning I was very proud of the responsibility I was given and did not recognize the trouble I was headed for. There is no way now to leave with my head held high even though I have done nothing immoral, just could not perform under so much stress, which I'm sure is a familial trait as noticed similar trend with my sister and mother. In any case, I will not be getting a good reference from my manager and I was not there even long enough to get unemployment.