EKG tips for Dummies

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    Does anyone have easy tips/mnemonics for remembering different EKG strips, or for remembering what will cause changes in EKG strips?

    Or easy, informative books to understand and reference too?

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    The only real like "tip" type thing that I have to remember EKG changes is that you can look at the T-Wave as a tent for potassium. If you have a low K, you will have flattened out T-waves. If you have a high K, you will have tall-peaked T-waves. Other than that I just took a class or two on EKG interpretation and now just have the different rhythms memorized. I recommend you take a class.
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    If you want to understand the patho behind certain rhythms then Dr. Dubins Interpretations on EKGs is a really good book. It's how i thought myself to read EKGs at 17 Years old. I was better than most medics..It's a good start and it has alot of good stuff in it to help you remember
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    Elevated ST segments with inverted T waves = myocardial damage/ischemia (Myocardial infarction)
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    There is a book EKG for Dummies, easy to understand, many websites as well for EKG interpretation. American heart association has a section for professionals with explanations of rhythms.
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    Just a couple that I use:

    Sync (synchronize) the sick, defib (defibrillate) the dead

    Heart blocks -
    1st degree, PR greater than .20
    2nd degree, type 1 : prolong, prolong, drop, prolong, prolong drop (patterened lengthening of PR until a beat is missed)
    2nd degree, type 2: conduct, nonconduct, conduct, nonconduct (no change is PR length but beat is missed - has P wave, but no QRS follows)
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    I'm almost positive that there is a Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! book on EKGs, all their other books have helped me tremendously so I have great faith that their EKG book is probably phenomenal as well
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    Online course for a fee but really not that expensive and very good program. I really enjoyed it and being virtual helped alot. 5 ceu's for if I remember around $57.00. The 12-lead course is bit too expensive though for my blood at $330.00. I did the basic rhythm course
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    there's a good book called "rapid interpretation of ekgs," i think is its title. it's orange. i remember that much! not sure if it's still in print...
    & there used to be stuff on www.blaufuss.org about arrhythmias & heart sounds, but i'm not sure if it's still there.

    i don't know any mnemonics, sorry!

    sorry am not very much help!
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