Dopamine Guidelines

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    Our facility doesn't have a written policy for monitoring of dopamine drips. What does your policy say in terms of frequency of VS, etc?


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    Quote from Treen
    Anyone in my hospital that gets a dopamine drip is on monitors in the ICU. Frequency of vitals is continuous.
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    What if the patient is DNR and not on monitors?
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    Quote from Treen
    What if the patient is DNR and not on monitors?
    Well, that would make it impossible to titrate the Dopamine. At my faciility, if he was DNR and NOT on monitors, then he would not be on Dopamine. He would be a comfort care pt and probably be on a Fentanyl drip instead of Dopamine.
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    From my experience, someone can be DNR and still wish to be treated with pressors. I would never ever ever ever ever initiate a dopamine gtt w/o cardiac monitor. i check bp's q 5 mins. i titrate up to acceptable bp q 5-1o mins. generally speaking...the md order should give you all the info for titrating. "dopamine 5mcg/kg/min and titrate to b/p greater than 90 systolic"
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    We run dopamine on our tele floor. We aren't allowed to titrate, though; all changes have to be written by the MD. And of course, they are on tele monitors.
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    Hmmmm. My daughter is in the hospital as we speak...she was on a dopamine drip due to low b/p and on monitors and she is a dnr ...
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    I don't work in a hospital, but wanted to give you some (((Hugs))), must be tough to see your child in the hospital!!
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    aww thanks Nicole! She is a frequent flyer so it's something we are used to unfortunately... & she's getting better thankfully!:icon_hug:

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