Do nurses make you wear diapers if you wet the bed?

  1. My little sis has to go to the hospital for a minor operation next week and she is really scared because she sometimes wets the bed. She wears "Goodnites" (like Pull-ups for older girls) at the house in case she does have an accident but will she be able to wear them at the hospital or will the nurses make her wear a big adult diaper? She is really scared she will be put in a diaper and I'm trying to convince her she can wear whatever she wants. (I'm not a nurse-just wanted to ask this real quick for my sister. Thanks!!)
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    I would guess that, depending on the operation, if she brought in her own Goodnites, they'd probably let her wear them.

    However, the best people to ask would be the hospital where she's going to have the surgery, since it's their policies that will be in place and their policy on bedwetting will override anything that any of us posts here.

    Best of luck to your sister.
  4. by   SweetLikeSugar
    I don't think there should be a problem with your sister wearing her Goodnites if that's what she's most comfortable in. I work on an adult post-surgical floor and alot of our patients wear pull-ups. Even if the patient has an abdominal incision, the pull-ups are very easy to pull down to assess the incision. Good luck to your sister with her surgery!
  5. by   mamamerlee
    The pullups will probably not be allowed in the operating room, but neither will any other type of similar product. However, they will put lots of other padding under her. I have bladder issues, and wet myself occassionally. Tell her that the staff will be very kind and understanding.

    If she stays overnight, they will most likely allow her to wear whatever she wants to sleep in. That includes her own PJs.

    I sleep in T-shirts and panties, and usually no one cares.
  6. by   Neveranurseagain
    Explain the situation and your concerns to the staff when she is admitted. She is not the only child/teen that has had this issue--I work at a camp and some highschoolers still wear pull ups! I think she will be treated with kindness and compassion. And bring some pull ups with her!
  7. by   Redhead28
    In OR she will not have anything on. Once she gets to the floor she can wear what she wants. We try to be very sensitive to these issues on Peds. It will not be a problem.
  8. by   evolvingrn
    they will let here wear her goodnites.