Did You Take The NET Or NLN To Get Into Your Nursing School?!

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    Just curious as to what test all of you took. One school I am applying to does one test and the other makes you take the other. I think there is a conspiracy to make me insane. What book did you use (if any) to study for the NLN?! Any light you can shed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    I had to take the NLN to get into my program. Just do a math review if you feel you need it.

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    Thanks!! How was the science portion of the test?!
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    Hey. I just took the NET and will have to try, try again. The science portion was easy just review (basic, very basic) anatomy and micro. The math is easy if you practice the problems provided in the study guide (eriworld). The reading is another story. The NET guide has general reading material and the actual test is science related reading. Haha....go figure. I just lost it and hurried when I ran out of time on the math (which I did excellent on). I will get there. PLEASE TELL ME IF THERE ARE ANY FREE ONLINE PRACTICE TESTS FOR THE READING PORTION. THANKS.
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    Did you take the NET or the NLN? I only ask I was advised that the NET doesn't have any science on it other than the reading comp being based on science. The Eri book also doesn't include a science preview so just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.

    I am taking both and I have the National Nursing League Pre-RN study book. I believe it has 7 practice reading tests which might help you out. I would also check out the library if you are looking for something free. Also, look up Accuplacer practice tests online. They often include reading comp sections. Good luck!! :spin:
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    I took the NET. I didn't think it was that bad-- just spent a good bit of time doing the practice math questions. I didn't prepare much for the reading-- I am a few credits short of a Masters in History which required alot of reading--I was a little lazy and winged that part and really concentrated on the math (not my strong suit). I just found out today that I was accepted to my program. Although I ended up doing much better in the math than the reading (go figure)-- I probably would have done better in the reading if I had been better prepared.

    My NET test did not have any science. Just Math and Reading Comp. There was also a section on test taking strategies and personalities, but they were not used for admission.
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    Congrats WWF on your accpetance letter!! :spin:

    Thanks for the info. That is what I have been told as well. If you have a free moment can you give me an example of a question from the Test-taking portion. Thanks!! :spin:
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    I remember being asked alot of questions on whether I liked studying in groups or on my own. I'm trying to think. I remember being asked questions about whether I learned more from lecture or from text book. If having things written for me help me-- which was true for me because I'm a visual learner (I used to be a teacher, so this was easy for me as I'm pretty aware of my own learning style) There were not any right or wrong questions-- they just want to know what type of learner you are (I believe). According to my net guide it is actually called the Academic Learning Style Section (as opposed to study skills). Then there is the stress level profile-- They wanted to know how you dealt with stress-- and also alot about your personal life---- do you need this job because of financial problems? Alot of questions that seemed to try and find out if you're having personal problems, and how you deal with stress at work.

    Do you have the study guide??? I'd be happy to send you mine. It's of no use to me now. You can private message with your address if you want me to mail it to you. I can understand being leary of giving your address on the internet though. If you don't want mine (and I totally understand about not wanting to give out info) There is one website that sells this book-- I can try and look through my history section on the computer and find it for you if you don't have it.
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    Thanks again WWF. I have the book from Eri which has been very helpful. It doesn't give any examples for the tests that don't count toward your grade so your info was so helpful.

    The question about needing the job for financial reasons seems a bit nosy and odd at the same time. Most people do work for the money, but even if they don't need it why does that even matter?! Thanks again!! :spin:
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    NLN first time, 2nd and 3rd just my SAT scores.

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