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I was at work last night (I work in LTC) and a resident had her tv on to a national news channel. The topic was about Washington stepping into NH care. There was a lady on there who had a family... Read More

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    I find it extremely hard to accept that my son works at McDonald's for the same pay as some CNA's receive and alot of days McD's turns away employees and tells them to go home because they are overstaffed. How can you be over staffed flipping burgers, but dangerously understaffed flipping residents in bed??? These are human beings we're talking about for God's sake. When you are so understaffed, you are put in dangerous situations and sentinel events are bound to happen. It's about time Washington steps into NH care and they should have been there along time ago. Back ground checks need to be investigated thoroughly before hiring just anyone to take care of the elderly. Some have even stated that they are only there for the paycheck, and this is where I believe that video cameras in NH's would be an added security to our elderly population. I believe that there would be a drastic cut in abuse, and an increase in quality care that elders so deserve.
    Nursing staff need to swarm the media with letters to their local newspapers on the conditions of these NH, how understaffed we really are which weakens the quality care these residents are receiving. It's a crime in itself that administration allows these kinds of conditions to go on the way they are, and it's a sad day in America when the elderly are just plain pushed aside and allowed to be cared for by any "Joe".

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    Exactly.."one moment of carelessness could result in the death of another"...so why pay people entrusted with such a responsibility the same as someone for whom one moment of responsibility could result in burnt french fries?

    And then we act all bewildered and outraged if the person caring for grandma had a moment of carelessness?
    It's cause for a lawsuit and a media expose???

    If the guy that's fixing your happy meal for minimum wage was going to face a lawsuit and public scrutiny on national television if he forgot to put napkins in the bag...what's the liklihood that he is going to devote a lifetime to becoming a competent, prfessional and well-experienced happy meal maker??

    Being a CNA at a nursing home is an exceedingly difficult and dirty job. It requires skills and training and experience that are not commensurate with the type of pay that it recieves. Adequate care of the elderly is a societal responsibilty- a NEED that we as a society must meet and we can't expect that it will be adequately met if end up hiring the dregs of society to do it, because we can't make it a respected and well-paying career for those who do have the skills to do it well.

    If it weren't for CNAs who know everything from CPR to foley care to emergency trach care to how to convince grandma to eat, then all those wealthy execs and lawyers and TV reporters who are so willing to look for carelessness would have to quit their high-paying jobs to stay home and care for their own relatives.

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