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Seeking work and came across something odd. Preceeding the following paragraph is a grid 24 rows long by 7 columns wide with the instruction to put an x in each box for hours you are commited to work going forward. Hours... Read More

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    The 24 X 7 grid was part of an application for employment to work as an "RN for medication management and caregiver training." I came across it during a work search and wondered if something similar was cropping up elsewhere.

    Quote from BacktoBasics
    I don't think its as big of a deal as others think. Everyone's getting freaked out over the term "voluntary termination". Basically what's its saying is that they want your availability. They'll make the schedule.
    But there is no guarantee any hours will be available. They are asking for, let say, 100% of my availability on Tuesdays and Fridays for the next two weeks and beyond. I can't schedule anything else during that time. No dental appointments, no lunch with the girls, no sick kids, broke down cars, nothing. And again there's no guarantee those two days set aside will lead to any income or work.

    Quote from BacktoBasics
    If something comes up, you got to give them 2 weeks notice. If you don't bother to come in, its considered that you quit. That's like any other industry- if you don't show up when your supposed to be there its assumed you quite (some organizations do have a policy of how many shifts you can not show up for before they considered you quit).
    No. In another industry (or most jobs) I will have accepted a schedule THEN if I don't show up they fire me. In this case I am asked to accept the POSSIBILITY of work hours and then expected to work if work materializes. And if something materializes on short notice and I decline it, they can state I voluntarily quit. That's quit without notice BTW. The worst kind if quit. Essentially they want to "own" their at-will emplyees.

    What the document does is make every call from the office a threat. It just isn't a fruitful way to treat employees, build a reputation, or run a business. I get it, scheduling is hard. Nursing is harder.

    I didn't sign the document and I wouldn't work for a company that would ask me to sign it.

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