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Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly; Christmas Traditions in Your Workplace - page 3

"Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly"......... "Tis the Season to be Jolly"....... Sure we all are excited and making preparations for the holidays. There are signs of Christmas... Read More

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    Quote from echoRNC711
    Ireland: The Wren Boys here is the link about the significance of the wren.

    Yeah, I am with you Jean-Marie in celebrating every holiday. Why not ! Anything to bring a little cheer.
    I am not christian so it didn't offend me that there was no nativity scene it just struck me as interesting that the central theme of Christmas was omitted in place of a big blow up snoopy!

    I am wondering.... .what is the consensus with respect to playing Christmas carols so all pts can hear over the radio (I work in out pts where we always play some type of music ). Christmas Grinch or Ho! Ho ! Ho!
    Me, i LOVE christmas carols (i'm not christian, i just like the songs)
    but, where i worked, they used to pipe in music via the PA all day long. I loved it, but, many to most complained, as, if you were RIGHT under the speakers, you were not going to hear anything else going on around you. Can't hear the call bells, the IV beeps, someone falling, nothing, just that music.
    also, some folks (staff AND patients tying to nap) said the music got on their last nerve, etc. Hard to find music that EVERYONE loves, i guess.

    so, come the holidays, the overhead music was banned already.

    EDIT: lol, i don't mean to imply that the staff were also trying to nap, ha ha..didn't come out just right...
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    Epic ugly Christmas sweater:

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    Love that sweater, Brillohead. Truly ugly!!!
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    Quote from brillohead
    Epic ugly Christmas sweater:

    i think we have a winner!! Brillohead, step on down here, to claim your prize!!

    tnButterfly, tell her what she won.
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    Let's see if we have any other contestants.

    Come One, Come All

    Bring your ugly Christmas sweaters!!!!
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    Quote from tnbutterfly
    Love that sweater, Brillohead. Truly ugly!!!
    Quote from Jean Marie46514
    i think we have a winner!! Brillohead, step on down here, to claim your prize!!

    tnButterfly, tell her what she won.
    Sadly/fortunately, it's not mine... I stole the pic from a Facebook friend who stole the pic from a friend... you get the idea.

    Can't you just see the stepdad in The Santa Clause movie wearing an ugly sweater with an ugly Christmas sweater on it? LOL
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    Bumping this us to see if anyone has pictures of Christmas decorations at their workplace or other Christmas happenings you would care to share.
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    Bumping this back up for this holiday season.
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    We already had our ugly Christmas sweater party. Floor decorations are under way. The tree is up and the garlands are hung.
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    I will definitely be wearing my Ugly Sweaters in to work on the last week of school before Christmas! And when we go to visit my wife's family, we have ugly sweater decorating time, to make the ones we found even WORSE. The first time we all wore them to church, so many little old ladies complimented my wife and her sister on their "adorable" sweaters.

    My school is also having faculty/staff "Elf" each other, instead of Secret Santa. Once you get "Elf'ed," you put together a little treat bag and give it to another person who hasn't been Elf'ed yet (there's a master list in the lounge to cross people off). Little things - I got a candle and candy, the secretary got a plastic tiara and candy, etc.
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    We were told that we (as a unit) will not be celebrating any or even every holiday- we are only allowed to celebrate "the winter season." So there will be lots of snowflakes, maybe some snowmen, but that's about it. No tree, no lights, no menorahs or dreidels, no candles or carols. Our HUC, who has worked there for 16 years has a little Dancing Rudolph figure that she puts out EVERY year at her desk. You push a button on the base, Rudolph sways, wiggles his tail and "sings." She was told by management that she absolutely cannot bring out her Rudolph this year, because Rudolph points toward the Christmas holiday, and we are NOT to be celebrating any holiday at all, because it's too difficult to make everyone feel included. The HUC is so mad about this, and about 1/2 the staff feel the same way... But what can you do?
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    Here is a cute idea.

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    I work at a Catholic hospital - so yes, we celebrate Christmas- heavily. There is a spectacular 25 foot tree in the main entry, and several manger scenes (lovely, detailed ones) in various parts of the hospital. Baby Jesus is missing- He arrives secretly after midnight on Christmas Eve, lovingly placed there by the nuns.

    I work over in the children's hospital - so it is CRAZY decorated /celebrated over there. Santa visits- so do lots of celebrities (including, sometimes our hospital namesake - 6'5", laser-rocket may know who he is!)

    Our census is usually WAY down, except for the oncology kids, so we go all out making the day wonderful for them.