Day One in the Life of a Nursing Student - page 6

Standing at the nursing station, alone, my first day at the hospital, I silently planned my escape. The nurse who was assigned my proctor, my "mentor," had left me within two minutes of meeting me. Well, she didn't leave me... Read More

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    Ah bless you. Myself and the doctor next me read your thread with great interest. Were we not all students once ourselves??? Its nice to treat others how you would like to be treated and your mentor has no right to treat you like that.:bowingpur well done to you for keeping with it we admire your copurage where many would have walked out and left the course. We hope your next mentor will make up for this mean one. Keep it up we are not all like that.

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    I was laughing my butt off reading your story! I loved it!!! I will start nursing school in April, and am scared ********! But I will try to have your attitude, and trust me when I say this: I will remember your story then.
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    loved this!
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    Love the story!! we all had a first scary day!! fun
  5. 0 really captured how alot of new students feel. Like a deer in headlights!! Getting over that hump is the hardest part. Now, when you are a nurse and see that poor nursing student........hopefully you will be an angel to him or her!
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    Enjoyed it, had a bit of a dejayvu for a second or two. Just with all the comments,they have to know that as a student, they are not alone in feeling scared and freaked out doing clinicals. Also have to remember for us nurses that we have to be open to mentor/precept any students to hlep make them the best nurses they can be.
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    I will be starting as a clinical instructor next month for the "first day at the bedside" students! This was a GREAT "eye-opener" for me....

    perhaps I will write one on the "first day as a clinical nursing instructor of first day students" next month! :wink2:
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    I'm about to cry..
    You have no idea how much hope you just gave..:icon_hug Hahahaha! The funny part)

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