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Day One in the Life of a Nursing Student - page 5

Standing at the nursing station, alone, my first day at the hospital, I silently planned my escape. The nurse who was assigned my proctor, my "mentor," had left me within two minutes of meeting me.... Read More

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    loved this!
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    Love the story!! we all had a first scary day!! fun
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    #54 0 really captured how alot of new students feel. Like a deer in headlights!! Getting over that hump is the hardest part. Now, when you are a nurse and see that poor nursing student........hopefully you will be an angel to him or her!
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    Enjoyed it, had a bit of a dejayvu for a second or two. Just with all the comments,they have to know that as a student, they are not alone in feeling scared and freaked out doing clinicals. Also have to remember for us nurses that we have to be open to mentor/precept any students to hlep make them the best nurses they can be.
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    I will be starting as a clinical instructor next month for the "first day at the bedside" students! This was a GREAT "eye-opener" for me....

    perhaps I will write one on the "first day as a clinical nursing instructor of first day students" next month! :wink2:
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    I'm about to cry..
    You have no idea how much hope you just gave..:icon_hug Hahahaha! The funny part)