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Standing at the nursing station, alone, my first day at the hospital, I silently planned my escape. The nurse who was assigned my proctor, my "mentor," had left me within two minutes of meeting me.... Read More

  1. by   medmar_mary1970
    I loved your story and can totally relate to it. I can also remember having classmates say they couldn't wait til they "were RN's and didn't have to scrub butts anymore". But the fact is as long as we're in the hospital, there is a 99.9% chance you will still have to scrub an occasional butt, well, more than the occasional.... alot, but it's ok by that point, you'll be used to it and it will give you a great chance to see any areas of beginning breakdown to document on head to toe assessments, As you are scrubbing and chattering away to the pt as to not make some of them feel bad for having to clean them up, you are looking over them, noting anything and everything. Although, when you are the nurse, you have ALOT more responsibility, it is sometimes necessary to help your pca out and I don't mind it.
  2. by   lpNcharge
    KUDOS!! i loved this story!! it is very similar to my first day of clinicals in the hospital. If my instructor had not been compassionate and motivating i probably would have quit that day!!! My patient was too busy taking care of personal business with his 3 (yes, three) cell phones to even bathe himself (which he was capable). He was very intimidating and vocal about it!! His situation could have clearly been avoided, had he chosen a different lifestyle (he is well known in the area for his "business"). He was mad at the world and apparently it was my fault that he was there. He told me to come back he was busy (in a way worse context and several ugly words)....i was about in tears after the verbal lashing. I found my instructor, she gave me the "you can do it". I found my backbone, wiped my face, went in there and did my job (and scared to death)!!
    Day 2 was much better. I went in his room, announced my presence and intentions for the day. After getting him up to the bedside chair to clean himself, I changed the bed, did vitals and assessment. His attitude was alot different once he realized I was there to help him, not judge him. I did alot of patient teaching which he was very receptive, his former thinking was that his lifestyle was "fun and not a big deal". The end of my clinical rotation there he wanted to know if I would be back!! AND...he thanked me!! When I left that day I knew I could do it!!
    So to all of the nursing students out there, a wise teacher once said to me, "Failure is not an option for me!" and it shouldn't be for you!!

  3. by   patrick1rn
    Ask for another RN to precept you
  4. by   feliz3
    What I noticed from my own experience as new nursing student is that a nurse who precepts must genuinely wish to do so. I heard the comments from my classmates having horrible problems with their preceptors (I had my share) because the nurse chosen did not want the role but had to do it because the boss said so. If the nurse is placed into the position by coercible pressure by administration or by some own ulterior motive of the preceptor to be other than sincere desire to teach and guide, most likely the student nurse will pay the consequences. At the nursing program I was attending at the time, there were so many problems and student's complains over deadbeat preceptors that the director of the program changed the policy for accepting preceptors. The new plan was the school sending the nursing student to pay the preceptor for serving in such capacity, but only if the nursing student would give a good recommendation about the preceptor services. I heard about a student in the class who requested a change of preceptor...according to what I heard from the student about the preceptor's behavior, indeed the student had a valid reason to request a preceptor who was willing to teach and guide. On the other hand, when the lousy preceptor was informed about her student's request, it turned into an ugly situation for the student. A student is in a uniquely vulnerable position when placed under the trust of a registered nurse, and if that person has no legitimate wish/motivation to teach...poor student! I admire this particular student for she virtually made lemonade of an extremely sour situation. feliz3
  5. by   lsm332
    great article. thanks for sharing!
  6. by   Agrippa
    Thank you for this. It really gave me a look into what I should be ready for - especially about the curse of compassion.
  7. by   Laur318
    when you are a new student you forget about cleaning butts. i understand how you feel. your first day was quite a trial, but by the second day you became my hero!
  8. by   Holly5477
    Thanks for sharing!!! I am scared as well
  9. by   NurseOhLa
    "Phoenix rising from the asses"

    Awesome story. Thank you for writing this. I will be in your shoes just a short month away...AH!
  10. by   Jewl
    Hi I like your story because I can relate to it in so many ways. I can remember how scary it was changing someone's dressing the first time, not really sure what to expect underneath, or giving my first injection. Good luck in school.
    How much longer do you have to go?

  11. by   prettyNpurple
    I am a pre-nursing student, waiting on an interview to begin fall 09! ...but I felt the exact same way yesterday...see I am a new Patient care Technician (CNA) for a huge hospital here in Austin, Tx. I started this week and my duty is to take vital signs and do AM care and ADL's and all that good stuff...I had a "trainer" who was the most non-caring person in the world yesterday...she felt she didn't have the need to orient me since no one did the same for her (she kept telling me this throught out the AM) I felt I was lost (its a huge floor), ostricized and out of place, I didnt even get any feedback of my performance...not even bad feedback the least. When I got home I literally started to cry I didn't want to go back and I was rethinking my entering Nursing school, but I felt the need to go back. I knew I had to go to work the next morning...soo I did...when I got in this morning (today) I was dreading the fact that I was going to get stuck with the same girl...NOPE, I was greeted with new faces and a new trainer who happen to be one of the best personalities I have ever met I literally felt she was heaven sent...she showed me awesome techniques on ways to change beds faster and easier, even gave me helpful tips on complete bed baths. She gave me great feedback and told me ways to improve my performance. I might just stick to nursing after all...

    ...thank you soo much for sharing by the way, your story definitely makes me feel like I am not alone...I wish you nothing, but success!
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  12. by   kimfish29
    Ah bless you. Myself and the doctor next me read your thread with great interest. Were we not all students once ourselves??? Its nice to treat others how you would like to be treated and your mentor has no right to treat you like that.:bowingpur well done to you for keeping with it we admire your copurage where many would have walked out and left the course. We hope your next mentor will make up for this mean one. Keep it up we are not all like that.
  13. by   gnomik79
    I was laughing my butt off reading your story! I loved it!!! I will start nursing school in April, and am scared ********! But I will try to have your attitude, and trust me when I say this: I will remember your story then.
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