Day One in the Life of a Nursing Student - page 2

Standing at the nursing station, alone, my first day at the hospital, I silently planned my escape. The nurse who was assigned my proctor, my "mentor," had left me within two minutes of meeting me.... Read More

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    your story is fantastic,marvellous.i also remeber my 1st day which is also simillar.thks to God dats everythg is getting better&good.NURSING IS LOVING.
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    Quote from Whispera
    I really enjoyed your story and remember my first days. One question though (asked with a smile).... you said "I rose like a phoenix from the asses." --was that a typo or intended? Either way it fit!
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    Great story, I loved it. I can completely relate to the walking in and back out of the room. Best of luck to you, sounds like you have the right attitude to get it done!
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    Oh man, I know what you were feeling. The first day is the worst, especially for those not accustomed to things like that. Cold water dunk! Always remember to just ask as many questions as possible. If the person you ask gets an attitude, then move on and ask someone else. Absorb everything you can while in school cuz it just gets crazier and crazier!
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    This is great and now I am even more scared to death to start nursing school!!! I thought your story was hilarious-- keep em coming!!

    Nursing students have to stick together.
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    Wow, that really brought me back to my own first day! You are a gifted writer!
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    Lol, enjoyed the information and the humor. Hope to see more like this. I'm excited about nursing school. I have not started yet, but just took my hesi test and feel confident that I'll get in.
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    My first day was just horrible trust me I do understand!!!
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    absolutely loved it!!! that will be me!!! thanks for the inspiration in persevering to our goals. how wonderful this description is, i agree keep them coming.
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    Oh my goodness, that is what im terrified of happening to me. Im only 5'0, so the beds alone are a challenge for me. Still ur story is great to read, it gives someone insight on what can happen if you just stick with it and KNOW that you CAN do it. Im so nervous tho, ive dealth with grandparents who died of cancer so i kinda know how to do it, but still scared/nervous none the less. Keep the stories coming, i love em.
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    Great story and you're a great writer! I could wake up, drink my coffee and read a post from you about your day every morning! So keep writing....well when your not changing bed pans
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    Your experience brought back memories...I have been through similar experience and more, that is why enjoyed so much reading your story for everything you said on it I have experienced when I started my nursing school rotations. It was obvious the person chosen to be your mentor wanted you to do her job, but did not want to be a mentor to you...oh, I have been there my friend! You conveyed so well the sense of isolation, abandonment, and yes, envy very much envy for the students who had the blessing to get the right mentors; nurses who mentor out of genuine desire to teach for they love their job and the opportunities mentoring represents in the education of future nurses...indeed those are lucky students who get such a jewel for a mentor. A new nursing student is placed in a vulnerable position by a nurse whose obligation is to protect the vulnerable for the student looks up to nurse as a role model and when a new nursing student is treated in a such callous manner the student cannot help but to feel used, betrayed and unwanted....oh, but you raised to the occasion, you gave us a glimpse of the kind of nurse you will be. I hope when you get to be in the position of mentoring your own nursing student, you remember your experience with your first mentor and may that experience inspire you to be different. I hope that the student you will be mentoring considers himself/herself the lucky one. Sincerely, feliz3
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    You made my day! I enjoyed your story, and aren't we all glad that we have had some of our "angels" show up and help. I was an experienced O.R. Tech when I started nursing school, but I was clueless about all those other aspects of nursing. Gave me a much bigger appreciation for floor nurses. Keep up the great attitude, and keep us posted with your progress. It does get better/easier.
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