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Hello All: I've been flexed off the past few shifts, so I've had a great deal of time to browse the discussion forums on this sight. The discourse has often been heated and I've noticed that so much of the space is taken by... Read More

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    It's the high paid CEO's that need a pay cut, not working nurses. We do all the work, provide all the care. These CEOs earn outrageous figures, to do...what, exactly??! They sit in their glass towers and crunch numbers all day. Very frustrating!
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    Quote from joanna73
    I would welcome my American friends And it's not that much colder in Canada, unless you are used to States such as Cali, Texas, or Fla.
    Having lived in California most of my life. . . I tend to irritate my Canadian friends by saying things like "omg I just realized -- you know how we're always talking about how **bleeping** cold it is in International Falls, MN? Well almost everything in Canada is north of that!!! The reaction generally is along the lines of

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    When I was in nursing school, I had an instructor that insisted we refer to pts as "clients". That was the first shift that I had noticed in viewing health care as business. I flat out refused to refer to my pts as clients. Call me old fashioned, naive, airhead...but I have always viewed health care as CARING for a person in need, not as someone who employs me on retainer.
    Looking back in my case the change started when the old partnership-based pre-paid medical plan started by two physicians was bought by an eastern insurance company which in turn was merged with a larger insurance company a couple of years later. Although the small partnership owned a hospital and clinics and nobody worked for free, they managed to keep it patient centered rather than primarily profit centered. They never even formed a corporation. I had a chance to meet one of the doctors when he was well into his eighties - he was dressed in a natty grey suit with a large boutonnière. It was a kick to watch him be squired around in sort of a victory lap. Several months later the new corporate owners fired 20% of our employees.
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