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Chat Room Now Open

  1. 1 come and join us.
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    Bump !!!!
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    can't seem to log in at this time. hmmmm...
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    PACMAN PUB now open for business
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    anyone chatting these days?
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    Huh? Why, What Do Ya Mean?
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    no one seems to use the chat facility
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    I've tried it once but no one was there... I hope it would be up and running...
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    when u r on all nurses, open up 2 windows, one to surf allnurses, the other the chat room

    then you don't waste your time or get disappointed

    yes. i have been chatting
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    Comes in spells.

    Many come and go.

    We all show up at one time or another.
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    chatting for fun
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    Where Is Everyone Tonight