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I am interested in changing careers. I have a BA in another field but want to work in nursing or healthcare administration. Do I have to get an RN certificate before I could get a MSN or could I just start from an accelerated... Read More

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    The only thing I can think of where this is true is that (at least in my state) after 3 semesters of RN schooling you can apply for your LPN license.
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    Depending on your state, you may be able to take an LPN license exam after a certain time in an RN program. A LPN isn't an RN though.
    In many (most?) of the direct-entry MSN programs, students complete their first year or so of "basic" nursing education and write the NCLEX and get licensed as RNs, then they continue on in the MSN portion of the program, often working as RNs part-time while still in school. These programs may or may not confer a BSN degree (or any other kind of certificate of completion) in addition to the MSN awarded at the completion of the program.

    A few people here over the years have posted that they've run into trouble when attempting to endorse into another state after finishing the basic nursing education part of a direct-entry program and getting licensed as an RN, but leaving the program before they completed the MSN -- when they tried to endorse into another state, the other state took the position that, even though they held an RN license in the state in which they had gone to school, they had not completed an approved program of nursing education and, therefore, didn't meet the requirements for licensure in the new state.
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