Can you work as a CNA/NA/LPN as licensed RN? - page 2

I know why would you want to right? Well, no RN jobs and just wanting to have all options. Does anyone know if you can do this? Can you apply for a job that requires a CNA license with an RN... Read More

  1. by   AF_BOUND
    I work as a pool nurse and every so often they attempt to assign me as an aide which I refuse. I was hired as a nurse and my job description says nothing regarding working as an aide, plus I understand that no matter the assignment I would be held accountable legally as an RN.
  2. by   klone
    I guess I don't understand the concern about "being held accountable as an RN." It's not like, if I'm working as an aide, I'm suddenly going to not care or be irresponsible. I wouldn't suddenly ignore a person who is turning blue and apneic.

    Yes, the facilities I've worked at will sometimes float RNs to NA positions if there is a need. Guess what? I still get paid my RN salary, and I don't have to chart or pass meds. Woohoo!
  3. by   klone
    In answer to the original question, in both AZ and CO, RNs can work in the role of NA. I even work with several RNs who have advanced degrees (NP, CNM), but work as simply RNs in the OB department. They've all said that they enjoy the lesser amount of responsibility they have working as simply an RN.
  4. by   Hotnurse06
    In the State of Indiana, you can work under whatever license you hold is valid. So for example, if you're a licensed RN but your LPN license is valid, you can work as an LPN. I just called the State Board of Nursing and asked. However, you are held to the standards of the highest license you hold.
  5. by   DogWmn
    Nope not in GA, you must hold a certificate for CNA and a LICENSE for LPN to work as one.
  6. by   tplusthree
    I'm in GA. And I am having the same frustration: no one wants a "new" nurse. How is that in your state?
  7. by   RN_Canada
    Everything that a care aid or a LPN does is within the scope of a registered nurse so...
    When you have a RN license and you work as a nurse you are held to the standards of the profession no matter what work you do.
    If you work as a care aide and get paid as a care aide ( or an LPN) but you have a RN license you still must uphold your professional nursing standards for the work you do.
    In other words, just because you are not doing a job that is classified as an RN job does not mean you have license to operate beneath your professional standards.

    So same accountability but different work and less pay......
  8. by   hyblaean
    I live in the Chicago area and passed the NCLEX in July- there are no jobs around here for newbies. I am going to start trying on Monday to find a CNA or PCT job just to be working